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Hillary Clinton may not have been able to don the title of Madam President, but that didn't stop Niae Tibbs and Idalis Forte from reaching the highest heights of student government leadership at Fort Valley State University. After the SGA president and vice president complete their term, they hope a new day will have dawned for Fort Valley State University students. The power duo want to increase student leadership and involvement on campus and strengthen the bonds between the students and alumni.

SGA President Niae Tibbs is a native of Chicago, IL by way of Kennesaw, GA. The political science major will be the first in her family to graduate from college, but she's not waiting until then to start accomplishing major achievements. She has already served as chief justice of the Student Supreme Court and works to empower young girls. After graduation, she wants to attend law school and open a non-profit for youth. Obstacles mean little to her, because her favorite quote is Willie Jolley's, "A set back is a set up for a comeback."

SGA Vice President Idalis Forté is no stranger to achievement either. The media studies major served as both freshman class president and sophomore class president at FVSU. The Fulton County Creekside High School graduate is also a first-generation college student, and works to help other young people reach their collegiate dreams by serving as an FVSU recruiter. After graduation, she wants to work for a major broadcasting company such as CNN and start a mentoring program focusing on youth with a deceased parent. Her inspiration comes from the third and fourth verses of the Bible's Philippians 2, "Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit but with humility of mind. Regard one another as more important than yourself; do not merely look out for your own personal interests but also the interests of others." As SGA vice president, part of her duties will be to oversee the governance of the Student Senate.

The Office of Marketing and Communications sat down with the leaders to learn more about their plans to help the student body leave their legacy at FVSU.

MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS (MC): Why did you choose to run for the office to which you were just elected?

NIAE TIBBS: I decided I would run because I knew that I had the tools needed to go out and represent my institution well. Also, being a student, I knew that sometimes our voice was not being heard. So I took on the challenge of being the advocate for all the students here at FVSU.

IDALIS FORTÉ: I wanted to help maintain the professional aspect of SGA. I knew that when nominated for the position of vice president, I would be able to uphold the high traditions and standards of FVSU.

MC: What do you think you can do as a leader to help FVSU?

NIAE: I am a servant leader so my main goal is to always have the students at the forefront of my agenda. I want to motivate and inspire students here to get involved and take pride in our institution.

IDALIS: Provide proper representation for the Senate and student body. Making sure I carry myself as a leader and be a positive influence to everyone I meet.

MC: What are your three top goals for your year in office?

NIAE: My plans are to strengthen young alumni involvement with the students, prepare students to assume leadership roles here on campus and off campus as well, and restore pride and tradition amongst the student body.

IDALIS: To make sure the Senate is run effectively and to help students prepare for a professional environment whether while in college or in the business world. Lastly, I would like to bridge the student and alumni gap.

MC: How do you plan to accomplish these goals?

IDALIS: I plan to learn and memorize the Constitution like the back of my hand so can ensure that [operations are] run efficiently. Before the school year begins, I plan to conduct a Senate training focusing on professionalism and the rules of the Senate. The training will consist of dress code, procedures, and protocol. Lastly, I plan to bridge the gap with alumni and the student body by hosting more events than just Homecoming to bring us together. I would also like to promote the Ralph P. Malone Youth Motivation Task Force Conference. I feel like it is a great idea that could be brought to more students' attention. The events will range from social to professional.

NIAE: By implementing initiatives here on campus to strengthen young alumni involvement. I will also work with my executive board to strategically create a leadership program here on campus and get students heavily involved, to help restore pride, and make them feel part of the FVSU family.

MC: Why did you choose your major?

IDALIS: I wanted to create and at the same time, be able to work with people and reach the masses.

NIAE: I chose political science because it deals with the government and I have always been interested in it since I was a little girl.

MC: Why did you choose FVSU?

NIAE: I didn't choose FVSU; it chose me. I struggled my first few months being here, but the moment I got involved and began to immerse myself in the culture of FVSU, I felt as though this was exactly where I belonged.

IDALIS: The loving family environment and positive influence was contagious. After hearing many testimonials from student leaders, I knew there was only one choice, THE Fort Valley State University.



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