Student Wireless Access (Office of Information Technology)

Student Wireless Access

The FVSU wireless network is available to all students, faculty and staff as well as registered guests.  The campus wireless network covers the interior of all university owned buildings as well as all of the housing residential suites. Outdoor wireless coverage is very limited. We have long term plans to enhance and augment outdoor coverage around campus. We are constantly increasing the amount of outdoor wireless coverage and enhancing the coverage on the interiors of the buildings.

Here’s how students can access the FVSU Wireless Network:

Students will connect to the Wildcat wireless network and use their address and password to authenticate.

The Wildcat wireless network provides an extra layer of security and access to authorized FVSU users.  The secure wireless network requires users to login using their FVSU credentials to gain access to the Internet or university resources.  Students may connect their personal devices to the wildcat-devices wireless network utilizing their username and password.

The following devices are not supported or allowed on the FVSU network.

  • Personal Wireless Routers
  • Wireless Printers in Ad Hoc Mode

If these devices are found on the wired or wireless network, they will be shut down and you will be referred to housing disciplinary board.

Instructions: From your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet

  1.     Select the Wildcat network from the list of available wireless networks.
  2.     Accept the certificate if presented.
  3.     Enter your username (your email address)
  4.     Enter your password

Once connected to the Wildcat wireless network, you will be able to seamlessly connect in all buildings on campus and in housing.  You will need to enter your username and password again only if you use a different device or change your password.

If you live in housing and would like to connect a device to the network such as your TV, gaming system, or other network system, you will need to register that device.  Instructions for registering and connecting network attached devices can be found below. If you have issues connecting your device to the network please contact Student IT Support at

Student Devices

Housing Residents that wish to use connected devices on the wireless network will have to register those devices to gain access to the wireless network in housing.

Gaming Devices, TV’s,  Streaming Devices, and Printers

The authentication system utilized at FVSU does not support certain devices such as game consoles, TVs, streaming devices, wireless printers, and other network capable devices.

The following devices allow self-registration and will connect to the Wildcat wireless network.

  •     IOS
  •     Android
  •     Windows
  •     Mac OS X
  •     Nook (all)
  •     Kindle (all)

The following devices require manual registration and must be connected to the Wildcat-Devices wireless network.

  •     Chromecast
  •     Xbox (all)
  •     Playstation (all)
  •     Roku (all)
  •     Amazon Fire TV (all)
  •     Wireless Printers (all)
  •     Wii (all)
  •     Smart TV (all)

To register a device

You will need your user name (full email address), your FVSU password, and the MAC (device ID or media access control) address of the devices. Information on finding your mac address can be found below.  Once you register your device, the status will show as “Pending”.  This status will not change, but that is not an indication the registration failed.

  1. Go to “” in your browser window.
  2. Log on using your address and password.
  3. Select “Add”.
  4. In Device Name, enter a name for your device.  Use something like username-device.  An example would be john.student-xbox1.
  5. In the Device ID field, enter the MAC address. You only need to enter the letters and numbers of the MAC address.  Do not enter spaces or colons.
  6. Click Submit. This will take you back to the Manage Devices screen.
  7. Your device should be listed on the Manage Devices screen.  If you do not see it click Refresh.
  8. Once you see your device, you will see it says “Pending” next to it.  Even if you have the device correctly registered, it will always say “Pending”.  This is a bug in the software.  Do not worry, the Status can be ignored.
  9. Once you see your device, you can sign out of this page by clicking on your username in the upper right and selecting sign out, or you can close the window.
  10. Go to your device and in the wireless settings, select the Wildcat-Devices wireless network.
  11. Your device should automatically connect.  If it does not, check the MAC address and make sure it is the same as the one you have entered in the registration system.

If the device will not join the Wildcat-Devices network after you have registered it and made sure the MAC address is correct, please submit a ticket with the HelpDesk.

If you have a device that is not listed and you need assistance finding the MAC address or getting it registered, please contact the IT Student Support at