The iHelp Center



The iHelp Center is transforming the way we do volunteering at Fort Valley State University! We are putting action behind the concept of communiversity by working with our network of partners to strategically flood the streets of Middle GA with iHelp Scholars & Volunteers.

How It Works

Our goal is to ensure each FVSU student graduates as a well-rounded professional who is prepared to be a servant-leader in his or her community.


Volunteer Opportunities

This isn’t the normal volunteer program, so don’t just think cutting lawns and cleaning up streets. We’re working to place students in positions that benefit both their personal and professional aspirations while enriching the community being served. Our iHelp Scholars will have opportunities to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to current community concerns in and around Fort Valley, GA.

Could your organization or business reach new heights with the aid of our iHelp Scholars and Volunteers? You can request volunteers by filling out our iHelp Partner Survey to get connected today!


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