FVSU Data Governance Committee

I. Charge

The Data Governance Committee is responsible for defining and managing implementation of the policies and procedures for the data governance and management functions at Georgia southwestern State University (GSW). The Data Governance Committee shall advise the Banner Steering Committee regarding the collection, maintenance, and utilization of cross-divisional data in Banner and other enterprise systems. The Data Governance Committee will also record and maintain documentation as related to data standards and serve as a resource in addressing system requests related to institutional data standards.

II. Function

  1. The DGC shall receive suggestions, recommendations, inquiries, and proposals regarding the standardization of data from the Banner Steering Committee, faculty, staff, administrators and governance groups from within the campus community.
  2. The DGC shall discuss data issues and establish guidance on the standardization of data.
  3. The DGC shall be the function of the committee to recommend if proposals received should be considered, amended, accepted or rejected.
  4. The DGC shall document standards for cross-divisional data maintained in Banner and other major enterprise systems and communicate those standards to the Banner Steering Committee.
  5. The DGC on occasion, may be specifically requested to research and consider information technology matters and report its finding to the Banner Steering Committee.
  6. The DGC shall have the option of soliciting information and assistance from such campus offices or groups as may be appropriate. The Committee may commission necessary subcommittees in order to complete its charge.
  7. The DGC is chartered by the Banner Steering Committee. The DGC is an advisory group, not a policy making body.
  8. The DGC shall maintain meeting minutes.
  9. The Chair of the DGC shall attend and provide a report at each Banner Steering Committee.

III. Membership

Membership in the DGC is based on role and function within the university and by appointment of the President. In general, Vice Presidents along with the CIO make up the Trustee’s, and the trustees appoint the Data Stewards.

Please see the Data Governance Team document for a complete list of members.

Please see the Institutional Data Management Roles document for a list of roles and descriptions.

IV. Data Governance Committee Chair

The chair of the Data Governance Committee is appointed by the president and is eligible to serve with no term limit. The chair shall convene all meetings, set the agenda, cast a vote on all motions, and arrange the taking and reporting of minutes

V. Terms

Member terms shall be one year with no term limit.

VI. Meeting Times

Meeting times will be established by the committee to accommodate the schedules, including class schedules, of as many members as possible. No less than two committee meetings shall be convened each calendar year. Meetings can be held as many as four times per year, and special meetings can be called if the need arises.