Data Governance Team

A data governance committee will be formed and maintained at FVSU to ensure operational use and security of institutional data is maintained. The Data Governance Team is the voting members of the Data Governance Committee. The data governance members can be appointed by the President of the university; however, the Data Trustees are currently made up of the Provost and Vice Presidents as well as the CIO. Each of the Data Trustee’s then in turn will appoint Data Stewards.

Data Owner

Dr. Paul Jones     President


Data Trustees

Dr. Olufunke Fontenot     Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Karen Wright     Interim Vice President for University Advancement
Michelle Martin, MBA     Chief Business Officer and Vice President for Business & Finance
Dr. Timothy Hatchett     Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Dr. Ndidi Akuta     Chief Information Officer


Data Stewards

Sharee Lawrence     Registration and Grade Data
Heidi Pinney     Financial Aid Data
Shawn Modena     Residential Life Data
Dr. William "Alex" Thomas     Admissions Data
Gena Wilson     Human Resources/Human Capital Management Data
Tomeka Tripp     Student Accounts/Fees Data
Vestilla "V." Clark Carter     Enterprise Applications