FVSU Data Governance Overview

Data governance is the orchestration of people, process and technology to enable an organization to leverage information as an enterprise asset. Data governance manages, safeguards, improves and protects organizational information. Effective data governance can enhance the quality, availability and integrity of your data by enabling cross-organizational collaboration and structured policymaking (IBM, 2007).

The purpose of the Data Governance Committee is to address the following issues related to data and information management across FVSU campus.

  • Data Quality: Accuracy of data in institutional databases and official census records
  • Data Integrity: Processes and procedures to ensure the quality, validity and trustworthiness of institutional data.
  • Data Integration: Ability to connect and interrelate data from different and independent databases.
  • Data Monitoring: Periodic systematic data scanning and metadata checking that ensures the continuing quality, integrity and integration of data over time.
  • Data Security: The DGC will work with all of the data users to ensure the information is protected and kept safe from destruction, attack, misuse, or abuse.
  • Data Training: All users of institutional data need to be trained on proper use and disclosure of institutional data as well as have a understanding of personal identifiable information, HIPPA, and FERPA laws.

Levels of Data Governance Responsibility

The levels of responsibility for data management that are expected at FVS to ensure proper handling of institutional data are outlined in the BOR USG Business Procedures Manual 12.0.

Data owner

FVSU is the data owner of all institutional data and databases. Individuals, academic and administrative units may have responsibilities for overseeing and managing subsets of FVSU’s data or databases, but no single person, academic or administrative unit within the institution “owns” that institutional data or the associated database. The President is ultimately accountable for ensuring that the institutional interests in FVSU’s data are managed appropriately.

Data Governance at FVSU it outlined more fully in the following documents: