Hiring Process

Fort Valley State University’s hiring process is centralized and coordinated by the Human Resources department for all classifications of employment. When a position vacancy occurs, the hiring department must submit the Critical Hire Vacancy Form, Job Vacancy Posting Request and Job Description to the HR department. HR will post all approved employment opportunities to the FVSU employment page and work directly with the hiring department to fill the position.

All applicants must submit an application for employment and provide three professional references. Additional application materials may be required depending upon the position. Please reference the individual job vacancy posting for specific application requirements.

FVSU, as an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action institution, is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for any person with a disability who meets the definition of disabled as described in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Upon request made to the Office of Human Resources at (478) 825-6301, persons applying for employment at FVSU will be provided reasonable accommodations in completing the application and/or interview process.