FVSU accepts CLEP scores.

Fort Valley State University accepts all CLEP scores from the 20 years the program has been in force. Credits that can be awarded for specific CLEP scores and tests follow the recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE).

FVSU requires 25% of credits to be earned at FVSU.

Fort Valley State University requires that 25% of a student’s program be taken in residence. (Online courses from FVSU are considered to be in residence.) Military students and dependents along with students in other exceptional circumstances are not required to take their final courses in residence as long as they meet the 25% in residence requirement.

Military can earn credit through Prior Learning Assessment.

Military students, veterans, and dependents may be able to earn some credits (up to 30 hours) through a combination of CLEP scores, DSST scores, and prior learning assessment portfolios that are favorably evaluated.

Visit CLEP at clep.collegeboard.org