Other Policies

Disclaimer of Accident Liability

The University assumes no liability for injuries sustained by students while engaged either in class or in extra-curricular activities, except in the case of athletes who are participating in or practicing for regularly scheduled athletic events. Insurance, at reasonable rates, is available through the Office of Student Affairs to all students who desire general health and accident coverage. Approved student health insurance is required for international students.

Children in the Workplace Policy

Pursuant to its mission and philosophy, Fort Valley State University encourages all residents to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that the University offers. However, in the interest of personal safety, persons who are younger than 16 years of age should not be on campus on a regular or prolonged basis. To this end, such persons are not allowed in classrooms, laboratories, instructional support, or student life areas except in the context of programs or activities designed and conducted for the inclusion of the general public.

Posthumous Award of Degrees

Fort Valley State University may award a posthumous undergraduate or graduate degree to a student who met the following conditions:  

  • was in good academic standing,
  • had no disciplinary sanctions pending, and
  • whose death was not the result of illegal behavior on the part of the student.

Additionally, the student should have successfully completed 75% (94 semester hours) of the degree requirement. Graduate students must be within 90% successful completion of course work and research/thesis. A student who does not meet the 75% or 90% completion rate may be granted a Certificate of Attendance along with a letter of condolence from the University.

Board of Regents’ Policy on Access to Records

Any student, regardless of age, who is or has been in attendance at Fort Valley State University has the right to inspect and review his/her education records within a reasonable period of time (not to exceed 45 days) after making a request. However, the student shall not have access to: (1) financial records of parents, (2) confidential letters of recommendation placed in the record prior to January 1, 1975, or (3) letters of recommendation concerning admission, application for employment or honors for which the student has voluntarily signed a waiver. When the student and the official responsible for a particular record are unable to resolve questions as to the accuracy of information contained therein, the student shall have an opportunity for an impartial hearing to challenge the contents of his record.