Withdrawal Policies


A student may be administratively withdrawn from the University when, in the judgment of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Student Affairs, and/or the University Physician, and after consultation with the student’s parents and/or personal physician, it is determined that the student suffers from a physical, mental, emotional or psychological health condition which: (1) poses a significant danger or threat of physical harm to the student or to the person or property of others or (2) causes the student to interfere with the rights of other members of the University or its personnel or (3) causes the student to be unable to meet institutional requirements for admission and continued enrollment, as defined in the Student Code of Conduct and other publications of the University. Except in emergency situations, a student shall, upon request, be accorded an appropriate hearing prior to a final decision being rendered regarding his/her continued enrollment at the University.” (FVSU Undergraduate Catalog, 2006-2008).

Involuntary Withdrawal Policy (Effective Spring 2009) – Students are expected to observe all policies governing a class. Faculty will clearly state the policies in the course syllabus each semester. A faculty member is eligible to involuntary withdraw a student after the mid-point if a student is in violation of one or more of the class policies (missed required assignments or excessive absences). A grade of “WF” will be assigned and is treated as an F for GPA calculation purposes. Students are responsible for withdrawing up to the semester mid-point deadline and be eligible for a grade of “W” unless the student has exceeded the limit of withdrawals (18 semester hours of course withdrawals).

Students involuntary withdrawn are ineligible for a refund.

Withdrawals: A student is allowed a maximum of 18 semester hours of course withdrawals (drops) while completing his/her undergraduate degree program requirements. This maximum does not include changes in one’s schedule that take place prior to the Schedule Change Deadline. A complete withdrawal from courses because of documented extenuating circumstances is not included in the 18 hour limit. After reaching the 18 semester hour limit, the student will receive a grade of WF for any course withdrawal, regardless of the date withdrawn. In other words, the period for receiving the WP grade is rendered invalid. (This the withdrawal policy, not incomplete.)