Incomplete Policies


Incomplete Policy – A student is allowed a maximum of 18 semester hours of course withdrawals (drops) while completing his/her undergraduate degree program requirements. This maximum does not include changes in one’s schedule that take place prior to the Schedule Change Deadline. A complete withdrawal from courses because of documented extenuating circumstances is not included in the 18 hour limit. After reaching the 18 semester hour limit, the student will receive a grade of WF for any course withdrawal, regardless of the date withdrawn. In other words, the period for receiving the WP grade is rendered invalid. (This the withdrawal policy, not incomplete.)

“I” This symbol indicates that a student was doing satisfactory work but, for non-academic reasons beyond his/her control, was unable to meet the full requirements of the course. The assignment of an “I” must be documented via a form to be approved by the Department Head, the Dean, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. If an “I” is not satisfactorily removed by midterm of the next term of residence, the symbol “I” will be changed to the grade “F” by the Registrar. (FVSU Undergraduate Catalog, 2006-2008).

{Note: Instructors cannot award an “I” grade; they can only request it. I The instructor will only request an “I” grade if the following conditions are met: the extenuating circumstances arise in the last month of the semester; the students request the “I” grade no later than the last day of class; the student provides me with documentation no later than the last day of class. The purpose of the “I” grade is to rescue a student who is passing the course but who suffers a serious illness or family emergency, for example, a death in the immediate family. It is NOT intended to “bail out” the student who procrastinates or is too busy to do complete the coursework.”}