Programs Serving Non-Student Minors

Fort Valley State University is committed to providing a safe and enriching environment within its community, including minors who visit the campus for educational programs and special events.  To ensure their safety and well-being, all programs serving minors as participants are required to adhere to certain guidelines and operating procedures as described in the following policy: Minors on Campus Policy, which is in compliance with the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents Policy 6.9, Board of Regents Policy Manual | 6.9 Programs Serving Minors | University System of Georgia (

Program Managers are to complete the online registration form below in order to register their programs.  Said form should be completed at least 30 days prior to the date of the event involving minors.  All required participant and staffing forms must be completed as well.  Programs requesting use of campus facilities must complete the facilities use form, which will be submitted to the Director of University Events. Final approval for programs will be given by the Coordinator for Programs Serving Non-Student Minors.

All sponsored and hosted programs must complete annual training with the Coordinator for Programs Serving Non-Student Minors.  Staff and volunteers must also complete mandated reporter training.  Online training can be found at the following link: Mandated Reporting | Georgia Office of the Child Advocate.  Suspicions of child abuse can be reported at 1-855-GA-CHILD (1-855-422-2253)

Additional resources regarding programs for non-student minors can be found at the following link: Organizational Effectiveness | About Programs Serving Minors | University System of Georgia (

Questions regarding policies and procedures should be directed to:

Sonya Williams, JD
Compliance Coordinator
Office of Legal and Gov’t Affairs
1005 State University Drive
Fort Valley, GA 31030
Phone: 478-825-4321



Please review the following:

FVSU’s Policy For Programs Serving Non-Student Minors (PSNSM)

Program Registration Instructions

Please note, if you are an FVSU campus member, log into Single Sign-On and complete the forms inside of Dynamic Forms. For non-campus members, please click on any of the form links below, create an account with Dynamic Forms, and then complete the necessary forms.

Programs Serving Non-Student Minors Registration Form

Programs Serving Non-Student Minors Staffing Forms

Programs Serving Non-Student Minors On Campus Participant Forms

Programs Serving Non-Student Minors Virtual Program Electronic Consent Form

Use of Facilities Form