Academic Department

The Biology Department prepares students to enter careers or professional schools in fields including research, allied health, dentistry, medicine, and pharmacy. Almost half of FVSU biology graduates go on to earn graduate and professional degrees. The department administers the Bachelor of Science in Biology Degree Program, which includes the following concentrations:

Review degree requirements for biology concentrations here

One of the goals of the Biology Department is to help students stand out in the crowd. Not only do students have the benefit of dedicated and experienced faculty in the classroom, education for biology students extends beyond the classroom. In addition to delivering meaningful courses, the department works hard to help students:

  • Find and be accepted to summer research programs and/or internships on campus or with major research institutions or national agencies such as Purdue University, Danforth Plant Science Center, Michigan State University, University of California, US Geological Service, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and others.
  • Prepare research presentations for professional meetings such as the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Society of In Vitro Biology, and others.
  • Prepare for MCAT/GRE/PCAT/DAT standardized tests.
  • Study abroad in countries such as Kenya and Belize.
  • Visit places where important work in the field occurs, such as the Centers for Disease Control, Cumberland Island National Seashore, Medical College of Georgia, Florida Everglades, and others.
  • Engage with speakers and recruiters from graduate or professional schools, businesses, and national agencies such as USGS, EPA, Monsanto, University of Georgia, Tuskegee School of Veterinary Medicine, USDA/APHIS, and others.

Study Abroad

Study abroad programs are available for class credit to the individual or groups of students. The Biology Department has sponsored study abroad classes including those covering wildlife conservation and environmental issues in Kenya and watershed management concerns in Belize. Faculty has also been involved in study abroad in Sweden and Denmark comparing the health care systems of these socialist countries to our own.

Student Clubs

Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society

Beta Kappa Chi is a scientific honor society that has a legacy “to encourage and advance scientific education through original investigation, the dissemination of scientific knowledge, and the stimulation of high scholarship in pure and applied science.” STEM majors with GPAs of 3.0 overall and 3.0 in their majors are invited to join upon the completion of 90 hours of course work.

Science Club

The activities of the Science Club include sponsorship of benefit socials, field trips, co-sponsorship of seminars, mentorship of middle school students, judging of area science fairs, presentation of a Homecoming Building Display and parade, community cleanup, visits to senior citizen centers, and attendance at the Annual Meeting of Beta Kappa Chi/National Institute of Science.