Languages and Liberal Studies Concentrations


The Liberal Studies Program provides an educational experience that is more holistic than the traditional academic disciplines and encompasses a wider range of disciplinary knowledge. At present, our program is a transdisciplinary field of inquiry. In transdisciplinary inquiry, the student focuses on a single topic within a broader field, such as environmental studies or creative arts, and works within designated disciplines but with the goal of providing a new perspective.

All of our six concentrations or emphasis areas are transdisciplinary, and they include:

  1. African Diaspora Studies
  2. Creative Arts
  3. Environmental Studies
  4. International Affairs
  5. Spanish Language and Cultures
  6. Themes Concentration, in which students focus on a theme they create with an advisor to integrate the disciplines relevant to their theme.

There is considerable freedom within each of these concentrations, and students should plan their course of study with their own interests in a particular career in mind.