Mobile Information Technology Center

Left side view of Mobile Information Technology Center truck.
Right side view of Mobile Information Technology Center truck.
Two people using a computer inside the Mobile Information Technology Center.

Download the Mobile Information Technology Center brochure (PDF/776.88 KB)

The Mobile Information Technology Center is a high-tech computer classroom housed in a 72-foot semi-trailer. With twenty individual training stations and an on-board 35kw generator, the unit can be set up in a variety of field locations.

It is designed to provide a comfortable, non-threatening environment where users can gain hands-on access to computer hardware and software systems which may be relevant to their individual or group needs.

The unit includes a wheelchair lift for physically challenged individuals. On-board equipment also includes satellite-based Internet access, a 50-inch plasma video display, a dvd and videocassette player and videocassette recorder, laser printers, and other related peripherals.

Typical users have included school vocational departments, community self-help organizations, small business operators and public service agency personnel.

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