University College


The primary mission of the Testing Services Center is to support the testing needs of the university and the surrounding communities. The Center strives to create a testing environment that is conducive to the best test performance for each examinee. The Center administers a variety of institutional, state and national standardized examinations throughout the academic year. The Center also makes tests and test preparatory information accessible to members of the university and the public at large.

Computer-adapted Placement Assessment and Support Services (COMPASS):

FVSU requires designated applicants to take the COMPASS for placement and admission purposes. The COMPASS is given to all applicants who fail to meet the University System of Georgia’s minimum entry scores on the SAT/ACT. Which are SAT (Verbal score below 430 and Math score below 400) or ACT (English core below 17 and math score below 17). Non-traditional applicants are required to take the COMPASS in English/writing, reading, and math. International students without ACT or SAT scores are required to take this exam. Students with College Preparatory Curriculum deficiencies in English and/or math are also required to take this examination.

Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency Examination (CAAP):

The CAAP Examination is administered to all students currently enrolled as undergraduate students during the fall 2012 semester and thereafter. Students who have earned at least 45-59 credit hours are required to take this examination during this point in their academic career. The CAAP Test measures students’ achievement levels in  six areas: Reading, Writing Skills, Writing Essay, Critical Thinking, Mathematics, and Science. Student will be notified by the CRS at the appropriate time in their academic career to register for this exam.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP):

The CLEP is administered by the Testing Services Center allowing students to earn college-level academic credits for knowledge they have previously acquired. CLEP offers computer-based examinations in 33 academic areas, among them include: history, social sciences, composition and literature, mathematics, and world languages. Additional information regarding registration and other requirements can be obtained by visiting the Testing Services Center.

Major Field Test (MFT):

The MFT is offered in a variety of disciplines, designed to measure the critical knowledge and understanding obtained by students in a major field of study. This examination is  administered to graduating seniors who have applied for graduation (spring or fall) in the following areas:  business, chemistry, computer science, literature in English, mathematics, music, physics, and sociology. Students will be notified by their major department and the Testing Services Center about registration and testing dates.

Area Concentration Achievement Test (ACAT):

The ACAT is given to graduating seniors in an effort to assess learning outcomes in a major field of student. This examination is administered to graduating seniors who have applied for graduation (spring or fall) in the following areas: agriculture, biology, criminal justice, history, mass communications, political science, psychology, and social work. Students will be notified by their major department and the Testing Services Center about registration and testing dates.

American College Test (ACT):

The ACT is a national examination used by many colleges and universities to obtain an assessment of students’ eligibility for admission. Additionally, it is used to provide an assessment of students’ academic skills and preparedness for college-level course work. The ACT is a paper-based test with the exception of the Plus Writing Test, consisting of multiple-choice items in six areas: English, Reading, Math, Science, and Reasoning.

The ACT is given six times at FVSU during the academic year.



Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Subject Test:

FVSU only administers the Graduate Record Examination Subject Test. The GRE-Subject Test is given in paper format. This test measures applicants’ undergraduate achievement in eight fields of student. Specifically, it measures achievement in the fields of biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, biology, chemistry, computer science, literature in English, math, physics, and psychology. The GRE-Subject Tests are used by admission officials as a common measurement to compare students’ qualification and to obtain a more reliable judgment of students’ academic strengths and weaknesses.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT):

The SAT On-Campus is an institution-based administration of the SAT. Only students who have applied for admission to FVSU will be permitted to take the examination. The exam is administered to admission applicants who have not taken the regularly scheduled national SAT. The SAT On-Campus may be taken only once during a calendar year. SAT On-Campus scores can not be transferred to another college or university. FVSU traditionally administers the SAT On-Campus during the summer semester.

The SAT II or SAT Subject Test is a national standardized examination that is used by colleges and universities to assess prospective students’ knowledge in specific subject areas. The examination consists of five major  subject tests, which are divided into 20 different subject tests. FVSU has specified the Subject Tests required for admission by applicants. The Subject Tests are not based on any specific text books and consequently, can be used to determine the academic achievement level of students from a diversity of backgrounds.



The LSAT is a national examination used by most Schools of Law to determine prospective students’ eligibility for admission. The LSAT provides an assessment of acquired reading and verbal reasoning skills. The LSAT is administered in a paper-based format.