College of Arts and Sciences New Minors

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At FVSU we are constantly refining our programs to be more competitive and more relevant to the twenty-first century. Look for some changes to come in majors in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I’m excited by the new minors in Gerontology, Chemistry, Theatre and Performance Studies, and Applied Statistics that we will be offering beginning in the fall 2015 semester.

It is no secret that the population of the state of Georgia (along with the rest of the nation) is getting older. Our new minor in Gerontology, offered by the Department of Behavioral Sciences, puts us at the forefront of the entire University System of Georgia in responding to changing demographics. Go to article on Gerontology

Partly in response to demands by our STEM majors, the Department of Chemistry will offer a minor in Chemistry as of the fall 2015 semester. Go to article on Chemistry

Thanks in large part to efforts by the State legislature, Georgia is now second only to California in film industry activity. FVSU will help students be more prepared to enter the industry with a minor in Theatre and Performance Studies. Go to article on Theatre and Performance Studies

It isn’t enough for our Department of Mathematics and Computer Science to be number 1 in the nation in producing African-American math graduates, the Department  has recently received a highly competitive NSF grant to develop a minor in applied statistics. Students will be able to take courses toward the new minor beginning this fall. Go to article on Applied Statistics

We look forward to these new minors opening up new possibilities for our students, and there are others in the works.

Stay tuned!