Dual Enrollment

You’re Ready. We’re Ready. Let’s Go!

You’ve performed well already in high school, and you’re ready for more. Through the Dual Enrollment program at FVSU, you can take for-credit college courses for free while in high school. Many of the courses you take at FVSU will count towards your high school graduation requirements and college graduation requirements. Your tuition is free, your books are free, you can use any college resource, and take advantage of the on-campus and online learning environment unique to FVSU.

As a dual enrollment student, it’s not like you’re in college. You are in college. Even while you are in high school, you can cut years off of the time you will need to earn a college degree, while also eliminating thousands of dollars in college tuition, academic, and living costs.

There is absolutely no reason to wait to let your brilliance shine. You’re ready. We’re ready for you. Let’s go!

Benefits of Dual Enrollment at FVSU

  • Free college. You already know that college can cost tens of thousands of dollars which you and your parents may have to pay out of pocket or borrow. Why not take college courses which count towards your college degree for free and save thousands of dollars?
  • Save time. Life happens, and you’re more likely to complete college and earn your bachelor’s degree if you can spend less working on your degree. Taking college courses now will shorten the amount of time it takes to earn your degree once you enroll in college full time.
  • Transition to college with less stress. By taking courses now, you’ll lessen your stress level when you enroll in college full-time and can spend more time enjoying college life. You’ll also already have a feel of what the college experience is like, so your adjustment to life as a full-time student will be easier.
  • Get to what you love faster. Many of the courses you will take as a Dual Enrollment student are the “core” classes that every college student has to take before they take courses that relate directly to their major. If you’ve picked the right major, the courses which relate to it are the ones in which you’ll truly start to explore the career field you’ll enjoy. If you’ve already taken your core courses before you start college full-time, you can get to the classes you’ll truly love faster.
  • Get the unique FVSU experience. As an FVSU Dual Enrollment student, you aren’t treated like a college student. We consider you a full-fledged Wildcat. You’ll have access to the university library, tutoring, and other resources, and can participate in many FVSU clubs and organizations.
  • Transfer your credits. Even if you decide not to enroll at FVSU full-time, many of your course credits will transfer to whichever college you choose, especially at public colleges across Georgia.
  • You have to take the classes anyway. Why take a class which only counts for high school credit when you can spend the same time and take a course which counts for both high school and college credit? If you can handle a college-level course now, why do double work?

How It Works

1. Meet the Requirements

To enroll as a dual enrollment student at FVSU, you’ll need to meet the following requirements.

  • Be a 9th-12th grade high student. You will need to have been enrolled in a Georgia public high school, private high school, or home study program for a year before you can be a dual enrollment student, so most students will be eligible during their sophomore year.
  • Have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. This shows that you have the discipline and the maturity to be a high school student and a college student at the same time.
  • Have SAT scores of 480 (evidence-based reading and writing) and 440 (math) or ACT scores of 17 (English) and 17 (math). This shows that you can handle college work.

2. Work with Your Counselor

Your high school counselor has lots of information on becoming a dual enrollment and can help you work through the process, including identifying the courses you can take at FVSU which will count towards your high school diploma.

To start, you can review the list of available courses at FVSU.

3. Apply

In general, you’ll apply in the same way as you would if you were applying to be a full-time freshman.

  • Fill out a free application for admission online here.
    Have your SAT or ACT scores submitted by the testing agency.
    Learn more about submitting SAT scores here. FVSU’s SAT code is 5220.
    Learn more about submitting ACT scores here. FVSU’s ACT code is 0814.

Fall semester – June 15
Spring semester – November 1
Summer semester – April 15

4. Submit Your Documents

  1. Your high school counselor will need to mail your official high school transcript to FVSU (or submit it electronically through GA Futures).
  2. You will need to submit proof of immunization and lawful residence.
    • Download immunization document here.
    • Download lawful residence document here.
  3. You will also need to submit a Dual Enrollment Agreement, so everyone is on the same page.
    • Download Dual Enrollment Agreement here.

All documents can be sent to:

Office of Admissions
Fort Valley State University
1005 State University Dr.
Fort Valley, Georgia 31030

5. Get Funded

Much of your financing comes from the State of Georgia. You’ll need to apply for funding through GA Futures.


For more information about Dual Enrollment at FVSU, contact:

Admissions and Recruitment
Phone: (478) 825-6520 | Email: admissions@fvsu.edu | Fax: (478) 825-6249

Academic Advising (once accepted)
Jocelyn Neal – Director of Advisement
Email : nealj@fvsu.edu  Phone (478) 822-1315

More on Dual Enrollment

For more information about Dual Enrollment in the State of Georgia, visit GA Futures.