Languages and Liberal Studies Academic Department

The Department of Languages and Liberal Studies at Fort Valley State University is meeting change head-on as we prepare students for various careers by providing them with skills and degrees we describe as their “passport to success.” –Dr. Berlethia J. Pitts, Chair of the Department of English and Foreign Languages

The Department of Languages and Liberal Studies offers majors and minors in Liberal Studies and Organizational Leadership to meet your intellectual, professional and vocational needs. Additionally, we provide “core courses.” These are required courses which are taken by students in all other academic units. Courses in writing, literature, philosophy, French and Spanish assist students in meeting their general education outcomes as required by the university and the University System of Georgia. The curricula are designed to provide the communication, critical thinking, cultural, creative, service and philosophical components of traditional liberal arts.

Courses offered by the department are designated as ENGL, FREN, ORGL SPAN, and PHIL.

Individual degree requirements are outlined in the FVSU catalog which is available online. Click the links below for PDF versions of the individual degree requirements for the majors and minors offered by the department.

If you have any additional questions or would like more information, feel free to contact us using the information below:

Dr. Berlethia J. Pitts, Department Chair and Liberal Studies Advisor
Associate Professor of English and African American Studies
218 Miller Hall
478.825.6653 (direct extension)
478.825.6392 (main office line)
478.825.6110 (fax)

Ms.Felecia Sharpe, Office Manager and Administrative Assistant
217 Miller
478.825.6110 (fax)