School Counselor Education (Ed.S.)

Education Specialist Program

Graduates from the School Counselor Education Specialist (Ed.S.) program demonstrate advanced knowledge, skills, technical competencies, and dispositions to function proficiently as school counselors in the 21st century, refining the knowledge and skills they already possess as practicing school counselors.

Convenient Scheduling

Program is 30 semester hours and offered totally online.

Program Requirements

The Ed.S. program emphasizes the development of clinical skills that may be used in the school setting or applied in other various community settings, such as mental health agencies or marriage and family therapy clinics. While working on clinical skills, candidates will be encouraged to pursue the associate professional counselor license. Coursework in the EdS program focuses on the application of knowledge in the candidates’ professional settings and candidates will target areas for improvement and/or research in their current work settings, institute projects and plans, and summarize findings.

For candidates who have not already completed an action research project for a previous graduate degree, an action research project is required. This includes a presentation, identifying research questions and conducting research, and publishing findings in a synthesized paper. Candidates will be encouraged to submit their written projects for publication in peer-reviewed journals and to present their findings at professional conferences. Proficient school counselors work in primary, elementary, middle, and high school settings and create an atmosphere where all candidates can learn.

The program meets all the educational requirements for the Professional School Counselor Certificate, Level 6. The program considers candidates’ backgrounds and adds knowledge, skills, values, and professional practices, which will allow them to be leaders in Georgia schools and to build upon their interests and experiences.


Typically, students begin the program as a cohort during the fall semester.

– In addition to the Graduate Admissions requirements:

  • 3.0 GPA
  • S-5 Certificate in School Counseling