Dr. Andrew Lee, Fort Valley State University

Andrew A. Lee, Ph.D.

  • College: College of Arts and Sciences
  • Department: Visual and Performing Arts and Media Studies Academic Department
  • Title: Professor, Director of Undergraduate Research
  • Associated Majors and Graduate Programs: Media Studies
  • leea@fvsu.edu



Current Rank: Professor (2012 – Present)
Current Faculty Status: Tenured Faculty (2007-Present)
Administrative/Faculty Leadership Experience:

  • Director of Undergraduate Research (Presidential Appointment, 2015-Present)
  • Associate Director of Undergraduate Research (Presidential Appointment, 2013-2015)
  • Coordinator, Mass Communications Program (2007 & 2008, 2015-Present)
  • Faculty Senate: Parliamentarian (2012-2015)
  • Assistant/Associate Dean, College of Arts, Sciences and Education (2004 & 2005)
  • Interim Department Head, Department of Curriculum and Instruction (2004 & 2005)
  • Interim Director, Charter Teacher Education Program (2003)


  • Associate Professor (1999-2001)
  • Assistant Professor (1995-1999)
  • Tenured Faculty (2000-2001)
  • Graduate Faculty (1998-2001)
  • Member of Faculty Senate (2000, 2001)
  • Co-Director, Albany State University (ASU) Honors Program (1999 – 2001)
  • Founding Director, ASU Research, Speech and Debate Program (1999 -2001)
  • Research Associate for the Center for the African American Male (1999-2001)
  • Associate Editor of the Albany State University Journal of the Arts and Sciences (1997 – 2001)


  • Teaching Fellow (Fall 1992 – Spring 1995)
  • Teaching Assistant (Fall 1990 – Spring 1992)


Ph.D. in Communication
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (1995)
Major Concentration: Communication: Communication and Rhetoric: History, Methods, Theory, Criticism and Practice

M. A. in Communication
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (1992)
Concentration: Communication and Rhetoric

B. S. in Special Education (summa cum laude, 3.95 GPA)
Jackson State University, Jackson, MS (1989)


1.       Acquisition and Development of Language
2.       Analytical Discussion of Global Issues
3.       Analytical Writing
4.       Argumentation and Debate
5.       Black (African American) Drama
6.       Black (African American) Rhetoric
7.       Campus Practicum (Mass Communications)
8.       Capstone Experience in Mass Communications
9.       College Vocabulary
10.   Communication Process
11.   Communication Research Methods
12.   Corporate Communication
13.   Fundamentals of Speech
14.   Honors: Leadership Development
15.   Honors: Utilization of the Media
16.   Intercultural Communication
17.   Internship (Mass Communications)
18.   Interpersonal Communication
19.   Introduction to Forensics
20.   Introduction to Mass Media Research
21.   Literacy Comprehension
22.   Mass Communication Research
23.   Media Studies Research
24.   Parliamentary Procedure
25.   Public Speaking
26.   Rhetorical Process (Recitation Leader)
27.   Special Topics in the Media: Visual Media Analysis
28.   Studies in Rhetoric


NCA is the oldest and largest national organization to promote communication scholarship and education.  Founded in 1914, NCA is a member of the American Council of Learned Society (ACLS).

  • Elected to serve a three (3) year term (2001, 2002, and 2003) on the Legislative Assembly, the policy-making body in the organization and received a Certificate of Appreciation for that service.
  • Awarded the Presidential Citation in 1999 for “outstanding service to NCA and the communication discipline.”
  • Appointed as Chair of the HBCU Initiative (1999) for the NCA-conducted study to determine the status of communication at HBCUs, HSIs and Tribal colleges with respect to such issues as enrollment trends, post baccalaureate career paths, faculty professional preparation and interests, institutional support, etc.  Submitted committee recommendations to the then President of NCA – Dr. Orlando L. Taylor.


  • Appointed to a three-year term on the Major Scholarship Committee
  • Re-appointed to a three-year term on the Major Scholarship Committee (2017)


Appointed to a three year term: Editorial Board E-Source for College Transitions, (June 1, 2016 – May 31, 2019)


  • Served as a National Communication Association (NCA) Delegate: 2007, 2008, 2009 at the National Humanities Alliance Day Conference for NEH Funding, Washington, DC
  • Awarded an NEH fellowship to participate in the NEH Black Film Summer Institute in summer 1999 at the University of Central Florida


Received a 1998 USG Chancellor Award to participate in a three-week Faculty Development Seminar in South Africa and Zimbabwe.


Received the University’s highest faculty honor: 2010 John W. Davison Outstanding Teacher and Educator



Lee, A. (2017). Awarded $10, 000 PREP Award: “Solidifying a Culture of Research Excellence in the Behavioral Sciences, Humanities and STEM.”

Lee, A. (2016). Contributor to the Establishing an Undergraduate STEM Teach and Research Laboratory: Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities, $66,000.

Lee, A. (2015). Contributor on the Establishing an Undergraduate STEM Teach and Research Laboratory: Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities, $100,000.

Lee, A. (2005). NSF Prism USGBOR Satellite Grant, $ 32, 000. Lee served as BOR designated Principal Grant Director.

Shujaa, M. & Research Associates.  (2004). United Negro College Fund Special Programs, Brazil Project-For the Cross Hemispheric Partnership Award, $76, 000. (A. Lee served one of the Research Associates who helped to write the program deliverables.)

Lee, A. & Shariff, A. (2002). P-16 Funds: Charter Teacher Education Program, $40,000.


UGA Granting Writing Certification Training, completed March 2017

Eleventh Annual Grantsmanship Institute Training Conference (FVSU) on October 22, 2015.

Tenth Annual Grantsmanship Institute Training Conference (FVSU) on November 13, 2014.

Ninth Annual Grantsmanship Institute Training Conference (FVSU) on November 12, 2013.

Webinars: Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR): Research Ethics for Undergraduate Research Programs (Washington, D. C., September 17, 2013) and the Inaugural GoClass Webinar on Using GoClass as a Classroom Engagement Tool (East Tennessee, March 7, 2013).

Certification Training: certified to develop and teach online classes at FVSU, (Summer 2013).

E-Teaching and e-Learning: A Collaborative Paradigm for Achieving Academic Excellence in the Technological Age of the Millennial Student, at the 68th Joint Annual Meeting of the Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society (BKX) and the National Institute of Science (NIS), Atlanta, GA, March 26, 2011.

National Humanities Alliance Advocacy Training, Washington, DC, 2007; 2008; and 2009.

2007 Summer Institute on Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR), Jackson, MS, June 26-29, 2007.

John Hope Franklin Symposium, Durham, NC, June 16-17, 2006. The symposium examined methods, models and best practices associated with superior academic and leadership in education.

National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Annual Conference: Accreditation Accountability and Quality Conference, Arlington, VA, March 30-April 2, 2005.

American Association for Colleges of Teachers Education (AACTE) 57th Annual Conference, Washington, DC, February 19-22, 2005.

National Convention of the National Communication Association, Chicago, IL, November 11-14, 2004. Received certificate for completing a NCA short course: Teaching Communication Courses with Feature Film.

United Negro College Fund, Cross-Hemispheric Project, Washington, DC, October 2004

P-16 Network Meeting: New Directions in Recruitment, Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA, February 12-14, 2003.

Standards-Based Education Program Conference, Washington, DC, June 2002.



  • Board of Regents Advisory Council On Communication (BORAC) (Subcommittee Chair For The Communication Defense Statement
  • USG BOR Assessment Committee (Education Dean’s Council)
  • USG BOR Educator Preparation Academic Advisory Committee (EPAAC)
  • USG BOR Unit Assessment Sub-Committee
  • USG BOR Area F Curriculum Committee



Instructor has authored or co-authored several scholarly based reports:

  • Summer Research Pilot Study Report on Student Retention;
  • BORACC Communication Defense Statement Report;
  • Departmental Curriculum Redesign and recruitment Plan Reports.
  • Principal Investigator Sacs QEP Pilot Study (Summer 2008)


  • Presidential Appeals Committee
  • Faculty Handbook Committee
  • Enrollment Taskforce Committee
  • General Education Committee, Chair
  • SACS Administrative Process Sub-Committee
  • Annual Faculty Performance Review Committee
  • College Of Education Bridge Team
  • Professional Education Faculty Council
  • Teacher Education Working Group Subcommittee
  • Standards Initiative Teacher Education Task Force
  • Master Planning Committee
  • Safe Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Intellectual Property Committee
  • Departmental Assessment Committee (Coordinator)
  • Faculty Senator


  • Advisor,  JC Hill Forensic Society (2007 – Present)
  • Communication Advisor,  SGA Leadership and FVSU Royal Court
  • Director of Presidential Cultural Arts Traveling Recruitment Team (2007 & 2008)


  • Boys And Girls Club
  • Peach County Adult Literacy Program
  • Visions for the Valley, Inc.
  • Project Read Foundation









Lee, A. Using an Integrated Approach to Improve Fort Valley State University’s fall (2014)-to-Fall (2015) Freshman Cohort Retention Rate. (Internal Report, 2015.)

Lee, A. (2010). “Douglass’ rhetorical techniques.” In J. E. Thompson, J. L.   Conyers & N. J. Dawson (Eds.), Frederick Douglass Encyclopedia. Westport:  Greenwood Publishing Group.

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Lee, A. (2005). An examination of the struggle for equity in higher education: litigation in the Ayers v. Fordice case in Mississippi. Brown v. Board of Education: Its impact on Public Education: 1954-2004 (115-122).  Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund Publication. Brooklyn: Word for Word Publishing Company.

Lee, A. (2004). More than bricks and mortar: The Ayers case (in Mississippi) is on a collision course with American jurisprudence. The proceedings of the W. E. B. DuBois
Institute Annual Spring Conference (25-32). Atlanta: The Southern Center for Studies in Public Policy, Clark Atlanta University.

Lee, A. (2003). Engaging ethnography: a lesson before dying. ENCORE: Journal of the National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts, 42, 143-151.

Lee, A. (2003, 2000). Critical thinking for the new millennium: an educational necessity.      Albany Sate University/New Beginnings: Challenges, Changes and Choices (pp. 95-102). Littleton, MA: Tapestry Press, LTD.

Lee, A. (1998). Critical thinking for the new millennium: a pedagogical imperative. Washington, DC: Office of Educational Research and Improvement. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service, No. ED429913).


Papers Presented at Professional and Learned Conferences

National Communication Association (NCA) Annual Convention, November 10-13, 2016, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  “Civic Callings: In the Name of Collaboration and Survival” on the panel: Interdisciplinary Majors: Meeting the Needs of Students Preparing for the Future.”

National Collegiate Honors Council, October 12-16, 2107, in Seattle, Washington. “National Fellowship Opportunities and Diversity.”

Seventh Biennial Conference of the Toni Morrison Society, July 23, 2016 in New York, New York, Principal Discussant for Roundtable III: “The Black Book and Documenting Black History in the Age of Digital Media.”

101st Annual National Convention of the National Communication Association, Las Vegas, Nevada, November 19-22, 2015.  The NCA Book Club: “The Heart of the Matter”

12th Annual Walter Rodney Symposium, Atlanta, Georgia, March 20-21, 2015.  “My Photographs Bear Witness;” Visual Arguments for the Eradication of World Hunger.

National Collegiate Honors Council, Chicago, Illinois, November 12, 2015. Scholar served as an adviser to students on how to write effective personal statements for major scholarship applications.

One-Hundredth Annual National Convention of    the National Communication Association, Chicago, Illinois, November 20-23, 2014.  “The Communicative Presence of “Self and Public Stigma” Narratives in Diagnosed and Undiagnosed Cases of Mental Illness “

BOR Advisory Council on Communication – research report undergirding for the Communication Defense Statement for all USG Institution with Communication Programs on October 3, 2014 at Middle Georgia State College.

Ninety-Eighth Annual National Convention of the National Communication Association, Orlando, Florida, November 15-18, 2012. “The ‘Metaphysical Awareness’ of Capturing (Photographic) Decisive Moments in the “Global Theater of Human Affairs”

Ninety-Seventh Annual National Convention of the National Communication Association, New Orleans, November 17-20, 2011. “Compelling Voices: Visual and Textual Engagements with Iconic Photographs.”

Eighteenth National HBCU Faculty Development Conference, Atlanta, GA, October 26-30, 2011.  “eTeaching and eLearning: The Virtualization of Higher Education.”

Sixth Biennial Conference of the Toni Morrison Society, Paris, France, November 3-7, 2010. ““Toni Morrison and the Circuits of Imagination:”A Kaleidoscopic Panorama of Transform (ed/ative/ing) Consciousness.”

Seventeenth National HBCU Faculty Development Symposium, New Orleans, LA, October 23, 2010. “Re-mapping the educational environment for millennial students.”

Sixteenth National HBCU Faculty Development Symposium, Atlanta, GA, October 23, 2009. “Course design, revisions, and implementation: Connecting curriculum to real world experience, trends in the industry, and accrediting standards.”

Fifteenth National HBCU Faculty Development Symposium, Washington, DC, October 24, 2008.  “Critical communication strategies for collaborative action and productivity in community-based participatory research.” Title of Panel: Advancing community-based participatory health-disparities research (CBPHDR) via the lens of communiversity: An academic perspective.

National Convention of the National Communication Association (NCA) Chicago, IL, November 15-18, 2007.  “Increasing the integrity of student learning assessments in the interdisciplinary programs.”  Received the honor of presenting this research as a short course.

Georgia Educational Research Association (GERA), Savannah, GA, October 27, 2006.

“Accountability crises: Disjointed communication and missed opportunities.”

Knowledge Capitals? Education in the Cities for the 21st Century: Urban Education Global Conference, Manchester, ENGLAND, November 28-December 1, 2005: Presented closing remarks for the USA during the closing ceremonies, under the following caption: The Reflections and Promises of the World Cities (Action for Learning in the Cities 2010 Conference).

National Convention of the National Communication Association, Boston, MA, November 20, 2005.  “The ‘Nexus of Liberation and Oppression:’ Moral Arguments for the Survival of the Historical Missions of HBCUs.”

W. E. B. Du Bois Institute Annual Spring Conference, Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA, April 2004. “More than Brick and Mortar: The Struggle Continues in the Mississippi Ayers Case.”

National Convention of the National Communication Association (NCA) Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, November 2003.  “Engaging Communication Theories, Methods, and Strategies to Improve Charter Teacher Education program Student Performance on Standardized Tests.”

National Convention of the National Communication Association (NCA) Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, November 2003. “Toni Morrison and Frantz Fanon: Conversations on Transcending the Wounded Identity.”