Dr. Brenner

Jerry S. Brenner, Ph.D.

  • College: College of Arts and Sciences
  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Associated Majors and Graduate Programs: Rehabilitation Counseling Master’s of Science (Online)
  • Brennerj@fvsu.edu


Dr. Brenner has a doctorate in Rehabilitation Counseling from the Rehabilitation Institute at Southern Illinois University, and all doctoral coursework in experimental psychology with a specialty in cognition from Kansas State University.  He is a special educator with life-time certifications in SLD, ED/BD and MI, is a vocational evaluation vendor for the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency with eighteen years of experience and is Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.  He has three children: Dr. Lacie Brenner who is a Gastro Enterologist; Dr. Michael Brenner who is completing a post-doc at Oxford University in biochemistry; and Mrs. Danielle Britt who is a Food Scientist.  His wife, Dr. Sandy Brenner, is a dietitian and Diabetic Educator.