FVSU Student Spotlight: Vishal Singh

Fort Valley State University’s latest student spotlight features graduate student Vishal Singh.

Recently, Vishal Singh, a graduate public health student in the College of Agriculture, Family Science and Technology, was selected to serve as an ambassador for the White House’s  2016 HBCU All‬-Star team. Singh is one of 73 students from 63 HBCUs who will serve in this role for one year. Through this initiative he plans to help his fellow Wildcats learn about effective money management to reduce debt.

In addition to his White House selection, Singh was featured as the Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs’ Graduate Student of the Month.

Below is Singh’s AEHAP interview*:

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Vishal Singh and I am currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Public Health, with a concentration in environmental science from Fort Valley State University. My origin is from India. I’ve completed my undergraduate in arts from the University of Kanpur and did certification in computer science.


Why did you choose an environmental health career?

The natural world is complex and human activity can have unexpected consequences that are hard to reverse. The study of how physical and biological processes maintain life, and how humans affect nature, requires a broad interdisciplinary perspective. Environmental problems and their associated solutions typically involve social, political and economic aspects which the scientist must be aware of. This is why the dedicated study of environmental science is so important. It is only by understanding how the world works that we can begin to tackle some of our pressing problems.


What do you like most about the EH program you are in?

The MPH program has been offered at various universities with no uniqueness in them. But I enjoy the relationship between students and their professors. Faculty members in FVSU not only help students to attain their respective goals but they also create an environment in which students walk into comfort zones. For example, my professor and advisor, Dr. (Oreta) Samples, really boosted me to achieve desired results in order sustain in this program.


What do you see yourself doing after graduation?

I am looking forward to pursuing a Ph.D. in epidemiology.


What would you like to say to potential students to recruit them into an environmental health degree program?

I’d explain to future students that FVSU’s environmental health program is growing in excellence at a startling rate. It has expanded globally by recruiting students from foreign soil with an upsurge in multicultural academic enrollment. So, it’s a good idea to go for a graduate degree at FVSU.

For details about FVSU’s master’s of public health program, contact Dr. Oreta Samples, 478-825-6904, samples0@fvsu.edu or visit http://ag.fvsu.edu/index.php/departments/graduate-studies/public-health.


Source: Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs