Dr. George E. Norton

  • Position: Executive Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Dr. Norton has worked at minority-serving institutions, including the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), where he served as assistant vice president for admissions and associate vice president in Student Affairs. During his 18-year tenure at UTSA, he was a leader in recruitment, admissions, and orientation with cross-campus collaboration in the areas of retention, athletics, scholarships, and strategic enrollment management. He also served briefly at the University of West Georgia, where he held the position of associate vice president for enrollment management.  Dr. Norton brings a wealth of experiences, having served in large, small, rural, and urban universities and having also worked in two-year college settings.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Norton grew up in Auburn, Alabama and earned his bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Alabama. He earned his master’s degree in education from Auburn University at Montgomery and his Doctor of Education degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio, where his research focused on student success modeling.

Fort Valley State University