Antonio PerezLTC

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I walked into an ROTC building 19 years ago, poked my head into an open office and said, “I’m interested in being in the Army”. That was the best decision I ever made. The military paid for school and helped me graduate. In the course of my career I have been stationed in Hawaii, Germany, Oklahoma, Kansas, and down the road in Savannah. I have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, the Army has afforded me the opportunity to train in Romania, Ukraine, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, and Korea. I am a Field Artillery officer and have commanded at all levels. At the age of thirty I commanded a hundred-person unit in Iraq and was responsible for equipment valued at more than a million dollars. It was one of the best times of my life. I made lifelong friends and I still consider many of the people I served with as part of my family. I have been exposed to jobs and duties that go beyond what some might view as the traditional Army life. I have worked in partnership with the Department of State at an overseas Embassy, been exposed to legislative processes at the Congressional level, and gotten the opportunity to impact how the Army manages the education and training of personnel and units. Now, I am very excited to be part of the Wildcat Battalion. Do not hesitate to come by and poke your head into any open office. See what we can offer you and see if you can be a part of the great tradition that exists in the Wildcat Battalion.

“Lead From The Front, Excellence Always”

Fort Valley State University