Payment Options

Personal Funds

Pay online at the Student Account Suite with a personal checking or savings account and no processing fee. If using a debit or credit card, a non-refundable service fee of 2.75% (minimum $3.00) will be charged and retained by Touchnet (our online payment processor) for use of this service.

Payments with cash, cashier’s check, or money order are accepted in the FVSU Cashier’s Office during regular business hours.

Payment Plan

To enroll in a payment plan, log in to Banner Web and select Student Services, Student Account, the term, and then eCashier Flexible Payment Plan. This option is available until the last day of schedule changes as indicated on the academic calendar. If receiving any financial aid, only those amounts that are listed in the Authorized Financial Aid section of the Account Detail for Term screen will be taken into consideration when completing an agreement for the Flexible Payment Plan.

Financial Aid

Log in to Banner Web and go to the Account Detail for Term page. If the total amount of Authorized Financial Aid is greater than the total charges on your account, the fee acceptance/payment process will be completed automatically. If all of the financial aid does not appear on your account before the first day of class, or the balance owed is not paid before the first day of class, a late fee may be assessed to your account. Failure to receive financial aid before the first day of class does not exempt a student from being charged late and reinstatement fees.

Third Party Contracts 

Documentation must be submitted to the Students Accounts Manager for certification before the payment due date of each semester. The student will be responsible for any balance that is not paid by the third party vendor.

Veterans Affairs 

Notify the Veterans Affairs Specialist at before each semester begins and after registration has been completed. Visit the FVSU VA Benefits site for more information.