Programs Serving Non-Student Minors


Fort Valley State University is committed to providing a safe and enriching environment within its community, including minors who visit the campus for educational programs and special events.  To ensure their safety and well-being, all programs serving minors as participants are required to adhere to certain guidelines and operating procedures as described in the following policy: Minors on Campus Policy, which is in compliance with the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents Policy 6.9, Board of Regents Policy Manual | 6.9 Programs Serving Minors | University System of Georgia (

Program Managers are to complete an online registration form in order to register their programs.  Said form should be completed at least 30 days prior to the date of the event involving minors.  All required participant and staffing forms must be completed as well.  Programs requesting use of campus facilities must complete the facilities use or license agreement, which will be submitted to the Director of University Events. Final approval for programs will be given by the Coordinator for Programs Serving Non-Student Minors.

All sponsored and hosted programs must complete annual training with the Coordinator for Programs Serving Non-Student Minors.  Staff and volunteers must also complete mandated reporter training.  Online training can be found at the following link: Mandated Reporting | Georgia Office of the Child Advocate.  Suspicions of child abuse can be reported at 1-855-GA-CHILD (1-855-422-2253)

Additional resources regarding programs for non-student minors can be found at the following link: Organizational Effectiveness | About Programs Serving Minors | University System of Georgia (

Questions regarding policies and procedures should be directed to:

Sonya Williams, JD

Compliance Coordinator

Office of Legal and Gov’t Affairs

1005 State University Drive

Fort Valley, GA 31030

Phone: 478-825-4321


Registration Form for Programs Serving Non-Student Minors

Consistent with Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia Policy 6.9 (formerly 12.9), it is the policy of Fort Valley State University (“the university”) to establish and maintain standards and procedures for the protection of minors participating in programs and activities conducted, sponsored or hosted by the university regardless of the location at which the program or activity is held. Each program director must submit a written proposal that includes program objectives, timelines, desired resources, and budget projections before the activity commences. Submission of the program proposal are required annually to renew program activity. The written proposal must align with Fort Valley State University’s Programs Serving Non-Student Minors Policy, as well as adhere to applicable Federal and State child protection laws. A copy of the PSNSM Policy will be sent to your e-mail along with the link to this form.
Will this program require overnight housing?(Required)
Will the program prepare and/or serve its own foods? If yes, food support will be provided by Sodexo(Required)
Will the Program use FVSU's computer labs? Please note: FVSU does not restrict Internet access nor monitor the use of its computers in the lab rooms. It will be the responsibility of the Program to monitor the use of the computers by its minors(Required)
Does this program include physical fitness activities (e.g. running, jumping, water activities, climbing, lifting weights, contact or field competition?(Required)
Name of Water Activity Coordinator | Qualifications of Water Activity Coordinator | Type of Water Activity | Number of Participants Location of Activity Number of Lifeguards Lifeguard Qualifications
Type of Activity | Number of Participants | Location | Investigation or Inspection Conducted | Date of Inspection | Inspecting Official
Do any of the activities in this program involve the operation of hand tools such as saws, knives, hand drills, scissors, scalpels, etc.?(Required)
The possession, transportation and use of weapons on campus is prohibited except as otherwise provided by Georgia law. Concealed handguns may be possessed on campus but only in accordance with Georgia law. In accordance with current state law, it is the right of a licensee to carry a concealed handgun while on property leased or owned by FVSU in the State of Georgia. This policy will not allow any other type of gun to be carried on campus property not owned or leased by FVSU with exception as indicated by state law. Georgia law regarding the possession of concealed handguns on campus including places where concealed handguns may not be possessed can be found at and Official Code of Georgia § 16-11-127.1. Will any activity of this program involve participant use of, or access to any weapons (e.g. firearms, bows and arrows, pressurized projectiles, etc.)?(Required)
Type of Weapon | Inspection Date | Inspection Official | Location When Not in Use | Weapon Supervisor | Supervisor Qualifications | Specific Activity | Activity Location |
Will any activities involve the use of chemicals, flammable or noxious gases, or similar dangerous substances?(Required)
Type of Chemical or Gas | Location/Security of Chemicals When Not in Use | Program Official Who Will Provide Supervision, | Training or Qualifications for Supervising Official | Specific Activity | Activity Location
Will participants be transported to, from, or during the program by program staff/volunteers?(Required)
Driver | His/her training or experience | Transportation responsibilities as they relate to transporting for, from, or during program | Vehicle to be used (FVSU or non-FVSU); |if a non-FVSU vehicle is used, list the type of vehicle | owner, insurance on vehicle (policyholder & limits),| and whether all safety equipment is installed and in good working condition.
Has the Program Director made arrangements to provide First Aid training to the Program's staff?(Required)
If seeking short term use of campus facilities, you must have Commercial General Liability Insurance that includes coverage for 1) Personal Injury and Advertising; 2) Contractual; 3. Fire Legal; and 4. General Aggregate. Limits on each must be $1,000,000 per occurrence except for General Aggregate, which must be $2,000,000 per occurrence. A commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy is also required which provides excess coverage above the Commercial General Liability coverage with minimum limits of $2,000,000 per occurrence. Do you have all of the required insurance? (A copy of your insurance certificate must be provided.)(Required)
I ATTEST that I have read Fort Valley State University's Policy and Procedure for Programs Serving Non-Student Minors and this program's policy and procedures are in alignment with said Policy.(Required)
I ATTEST that I have completed all applicable registration forms, and I will submit the appropriate participant and staffing forms once program approval is granted.(Required)
I ATTEST that all staff/volunteers involved in this Program will be subject to a background check and sex offender check(Required)
I ATTEST to have fully screened alternate staff/volunteers available if a staff/volunteer member cannot perform his/her staff/volunteer duties(Required)
I ATTEST that all staff/volunteers involved in this Program will be provided safety training with respect to First Aid, CPR (if appropriate), harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rules of conduct.(Required)
I ATTEST that any incident will be reported to FVSU Public Safety no later than twenty-four hours after the incident occurs. An incident is defined as any actual or alleged event or situation that creates a significant risk of substantial or serious harm to the physical or mental health, safety, or well being of someone.(Required)
Submission Email(Required)