Veteran Students

To enable veterans to apply for formal educational programs leading to the award of a degree, the University System is able to grant academic credit according to the recommendations listed in A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, which is published by the American Council on Education. The following guidelines and requirements are set for students who receive Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits under Provisions of Chapter 30, 31, 32, or 35, Title 38, or Chapter 106, Title 10, U.S. Code. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the termination of benefits.

Any student expecting to receive VA Educational Benefits is required to enroll with the VA Certifying Official prior to the close of registration for a given semester. VA benefits are provided for courses of study which have been noted on VA Form 22-1990 or 22- 5490. Students will not be certified to receive VA Benefits for courses of study not identified on this form. A veteran (or his/her dependent) desiring to change his/her major, must, for VA purposes, complete VA Form 22-1995 or 22-5490 (which may be obtained from the VA Certifying Official) and submit it to the Veterans Administration; a copy of the form must also be filed with the Veterans Affairs Officer (VA Certifying Official) on campus. If the student has received pay for the number of required elective courses, he/she will not be eligible to receive VA funds for his/her enrollment in additional elective courses except by written consent of the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Eligible veterans may receive equivalent credit for physical education activity courses upon presentation of a copy of separation papers (DD-214) to the Office of the Registrar. Still, a veteran has the option to enroll in these activity courses without receiving equivalent credit, if desired. The veteran’s JST military transcript will be assessed by the department his or her major is housed in in order for credit to be applied towards graduation where possible.  Once credit is awarded for these courses based on military service, they may not be taken as electives. Independent study courses are not approved for VA Benefits. Veterans are also limited in terms of the number of hours that may be attempted in remedial courses. The VA Certifying Official’s office is Suite 102 in the Troup Building .

Veteran students, active military and reserves should contact the FVSU Veterans Affairs Certifying Official in Suite 102 C.V. Troup Administration Building.  Call 478-822-1020 or send an email to, if additional support is needed.