Student Achievement at FVSU

Institutional Measures of Student Achievement

Fort Valley State University provides student achievement information that is complete, accurate, timely, accessible, clear, and sufficient. As part of encouraging the intellectual, personal, and social growth of all its students, Fort Valley State University tracks a variety of measures of student achievement including enrollment, retention, progression, graduation, degrees conferred and grade distribution. Additional institutional targets for improvement of retention, progression, and graduation rates can be found in FVSU’s CCG Report. Reports on student achievement are summarized below:

Retention and Graduation Targets and Actual

Retention Cohort Baseline2012 Target2012 Actual2013 Target2013 Actual2014 Target2014 Actual2015 Target2015 Actual2016 Target2016 Actual2017 Target2017 Actual
Graduation Cohort Baseline2007 Target2007 Actual2008 Target2008 Actual2009 Target2009 Actual2010 Target2010 Actual2011 Target2011 Actual2012 Target2012 Actual





Degrees Conferred

Student Satisfaction Surveys

Grade Distribution

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