Engineering Launchpad Program

FVSU’s Engineering Launchpad program provides a solid platform upon which achievers can build the skills they will need to enter highly-regarded engineering programs at large public universities in Georgia by taking their early science and math courses within the nourishing, nurturing environment at FVSU and then transferring into a highly regarded engineering program at a large Georgia university. The FVSU Engineering Launchpad program uses the University System of Georgia’s (USG) Regents’ Engineering Pathways Program as its framework and matches science and math courses at FVSU with those students will need to transfer.

Regents Engineering Pathway Program partnering universities include:

  • Take your early math and science classes in the nurturing, empowering environment of Fort Valley State University
  • Take advantage of lower tuition, access to faculty, and a supportive family culture at FVSU
  • Apply to transfer into a large engineering program after your sophomore year
  • Earn your engineering degree from a large, highly regarded Georgia university


Engineering is a challenging career path for driven students, demanding a focused and disciplined academic and co-curricular regimen. To be accepted into the FVSU Engineering Launchpad program, incoming freshman must meet the following requirements:

• Minimum 3.0 high school cumulative grade point average Calculated based on the following credits: – 4 English Credits – 4 Math Credits (Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, etc) – 4 Science credits (at least 2 lab science) – 3 Social Sciences credits – 2 Foreign Language credits (same language)

• SAT scores of 550 (math) and 480 (evidence-based reading and writing)  or

• ACT scores of 20 (math) and 17 (English)

• Must meet all other FVSU admissions requirements.

FVSU Engineering Launchpad students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average while at FVSU to remain in the program.


To apply for acceptance as an FVSU Engineering Launchpad student, complete the FVSU Application for Admission and choose “math/engineering launchpad” as your intended major. Once you have completed all admissions requirements and have been accepted as an FVSU student, your application will automatically be evaluated for entry into the FVSU Engineering Launchpad program.


FVSU believes that there is genius in everyone, and provides a unique environment for that genius to blossom and grow. That’s the basis of the FVSU Emerging Genius Programs– uniquely accelerated programs for driven students to help them embrace the genius within and unapologetically demonstrate their competence.

Many talented students have every intention and desire to become engineers, but find it overwhelming to navigate the advanced subject matter while they are simultaneously adjusting to college life at a large university, where some important fundamental classes may include hundreds of students, making it difficult to be noticed by the professor and get help when needed.  By spending the first two years of their collegiate careers at FVSU, they receive the individual attention, small class size, and mentoring you can only find at a smaller university, and are prepared to apply to and succeed in engineering programs at larger universities with confidence in their ability to tackle complex subject matter. At the same time, they enjoy the lower tuition, access to faculty, and family culture which are hallmarks of an FVSU education.

Launchpad students generally earn up to 60 credit hours at FVSU, and then transfer to its sister schools in order to earn an engineering degree in 2-3 years after transfer. Each transfer destination university has its own unique requirements. The FVSU Engineering Launchpad program helps students understand these requirements and design their course schedule and extracurricular activities around fulfilling the requirements for the program to which they wish to apply.

For more information about FVSU’s Engineering Launchpad Program, please contact:

Recruitment and Admissions

Fort Valley, GA 31030

Phone: (478) 825-6520

Fax: (478) 825-6249


Faculty Advisor

Haixin Wang

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Tel: (478)827-3149