Student Perks

The Fort Valley State University Honors Program provides participating students with many rewarding opportunities to enhance their collegiate experience:

  • All students in the program have the opportunity to take specially-designated honors courses at all curricular levels. These classes, particularly at the freshman and sophomore levels, tend to be smaller classes, allowing for a more personalized experience. They are taught by University faculty who have been reviewed by the Honors Program’s administration and acknowledged for their scholarly and pedagogical aptitude.
  • Honors students will also be housed in a Residential Learning Community where they will live with other like-minded and high-achieving students to reinforce their intellectual and scholarly pursuits.
  • Honors students may also avail themselves of the community study and work spaces in at Honors House, where they may also engage with members of the program’s administration as needed.
  • All Honors students will be issued an individual laptop computer for their personal use that they may retain for the duration of their academic tenure in the FVSU Honors Program. For more information, see the Honors Program Laptop Loan Policy
  • Honors students also enjoy priority registration in the selection of courses. For the majority of students, when course registration opens each semester, seniors are allowed to begin first, juniors may register a week later, then sophomores, and finally freshmen. Provided that Honors students have completed all advisement and other requirements, they may begin selecting courses through the self-registration process on the first day of registration (i.e., with the seniors), regardless of their classification.
  • Juniors and seniors in the program will also have the opportunity to join FVSU’s Alpha Mu chapter of the Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society. This organization is a general scholarship honor society open to students in all academic areas. Criteria for membership can be found on the Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society web site. Interested students should contact the FVSU Honors Program Director.
  • Honors students are also encouraged to apply for scholarship opportunities at Fort Valley State University. These include but are not limited to the FVSU Presidential Excellence Scholarship, the FVSU 1890 Scholarship Program, the James H. Porter Scholarship, the Endowed Teacher Education Scholarship, and many other private scholarship opportunities.
  • Honors students may also obtain assistance from the Honors Program Director or any member of the Faculty Honors Council when applying for external competitive scholarship programs, such as the Fulbright, Truman, or Rhodes scholarships.
  • Students in the program are also able to apply for funding to present their own research at professional conferences within their major fields of study. Students seeking such funding should contact the Honors Program Director.
  • Finally, upon successful completion of all program and degree requirements, honors students will be supplied unique honors medallion to wear with their graduation robes at commencement, and all of their official FVSU transcripts will denote them as an Honors Program Graduates.