Honors Program

Every student at Fort Valley State University has chosen to empower the possible by joining the community of scholars at this institution. The Honors Program expands on the already high-quality academic foundation of the University by offering high-achieving and self-motivated students an exceptional educational experience that emphasizes experiential learning, smaller classes, extra-curricular intellectual development opportunities, and personal relationships with faculty.

Currently under the leadership of Dr. Mark A. Smith, the Fuller E. Callaway Professor of History, the FVSU Honors Program is designed to provide students with an enriched learning experience utilizing high-impact instruction practices in a small classroom setting. Honors students will attend classes, join experiential learning activities, participate in intellectually-stimulating activities, and build relationships with one another and with honors faculty members from a number of disciplines. All these activities will integrate them into a community of like-minded, motivated, and high-achieving students that can serve as a scholarly support system to further enable their own successes.

More detailed information about the program can be found in the Honors Program Handbook or on the linked pages below:

For questions or additional information about the program, please contact Dr. Smith at (478) 825-6667 or honorsprogram@fvsu.edu.