The Honor Code

All Fort Valley State University Honors Program students are expected to adhere to the following Honor Code:

  • As a member of the Fort Valley State University community and the FVSU Honors Program, I pledge to maintain academic integrity in all my dealings with the University’s faculty, staff, and students. Specifically, I will not give or receive unpermitted aid in any examination or assignment, in the preparation of any report or other work that is to be used by an instructor as the basis of a grade, and I will do my share and take an active part in holding others to both the spirit and the letter of this Honor Code.

Examples of Honor Code violations include but are not limited to:

  • Copying answers from someone else’s examination or allowing someone else to copy from one’s own examination, whether the exam is in the classroom, online, or take-home.
  • Any unpermitted collaboration on assignments.
  • Plagiarism.
  • Failing to report an Honor Code violation you have personally witnessed to the appropriate course instructor, department chairperson, or college dean.

Submitting an application to the FVSU Honors Program constitutes an explicit pledge to abide by this code throughout a student’s academic career at the University.

Any student who violates the Honors Code is subject to dismissal from the Honors Program in addition to any other sanctions applied by her or his instructor or by the University administration.