Honors Program Laptop Loan Policy

Each FVSU Honors Student will be issued a University-owned laptop near the beginning of their career as an Honors Student, provided they have completed the electronic Honors Program Laptop Loan Form and acknowledged the policies governing the use of these machines.

Once the form has been completed and the laptop issued to the Honors Student, she or he will retain it for the duration of her or his academic career with the FVSU Honors Program. The devices, however, remain the property of Fort Valley State University.

If an Honors Student’s University-owned laptop is damaged, lost, or stolen, the student will not be held financially liable, but in the case of damage, loss, or theft of the device, Honors Students are expected to inform the Honors Program Director immediately. At the discretion of the Director, the University may issue a new University-owned laptop as a replacement. Such replacement, however, is not guaranteed and will occur entirely at the Director’s discretion, contingent upon available device inventory.

Honors Students must return their University-owned laptops to the Honors Program Director when they leave the Honors Program due either to graduation from the University or their dismissal from the program for failing to maintain its requirements. If they do not surrender the laptop within three (3) business days of a request issued for return from the Honors Program Director, then a hold will be placed on their University account by the FVSU Registrar’s Office, and that hold will prevent them from registering for additional courses or from graduating until such time as the Honors Program Director requests that the hold be removed.