Changes of Schedule (Drop/Add)

Changes in a student’s program, courses or schedule must be made within the first five class days of each regular semester or as announced for the summer term or mini-mesters. The specific deadlines are indicated in the Academic Year Calendars. Deadlines for schedule changes are also printed in the Master Schedules and are posted in the Registrar’s Office each semester. The procedures for revising course schedules require that a student first secure a Change of Schedule form from the College of Graduate Studies and Extended Education. Printed instructions are provided on the form. The student must, then, confer with his/her advisor and/or instructor. Signatures may be required. A course is considered officially dropped or added officially only when the required form has been returned to the Registrar’s Office. Fully online students should email  for assistance. Keep in mind that no financial aid refund will be made for a reduction in credit hours after the schedule change period. (Students should bear this in mind when registering for Mini-mester I and the full term but also planning to take classes in Mini-mester II.)

VA Tutorial Assistance – An eligible veteran (other than an in-service student enrolled under the Predischarged Education Program) who has a deficiency in a required unit subject in his/her degree program as part of, prerequisite to, or indispensable to the satisfactory pursuit of his or her approved program and who is pursuing a postsecondary degree, may receive an allowance for reimbursement of individualized tutorial assistance necessary to correct the deficiency. Tutorial assistance is available only to veterans who require it to avoid failure, not for those who desire it to improve their academic standing. Students must receive clearance from the Veterans Affairs Officer (VA Certifying Official) prior to receiving tutorial assistance in order to receive certification for reimbursement by the institutional certifying official.