Students who are close to fulfilling their graduation requirements must file an application for graduation prior to the semester in which the candidate anticipates graduating. Students must meet with their academic advisors/coordinators and/or department chairs to confirm their academic records are accurate and complete. Reviews should be completed prior to the semester in which students expect to complete degree requirements. Once reviews are complete, candidates, advisors and department chairs will sign off on applications for graduation before payment is rendered.

All students who will be completing degree requirements must apply for graduation by the appropriate deadline.  An application for graduation must be submitted even if students will not be participating in the commencement ceremony.

Per semester, an application for graduation will not be accepted after the final application deadline.

Application Deadline: Spring – November 15 Summer – February 15 Fall –July 15
Final Application Deadline: Spring – January 15 Summer – April 15 Fall –September 15

A new application is required if the applicant fails to meet requirements during the semester for which the initial application was processed.

A $35.00 late fee is required after the initial application deadline date.

Applications are available in your Academic Department for undergraduate students and Graduate Studies for graduate students.

Please follow the following instructions when completing your application.

  • Print or type your name and address. Provide your name exactly as you want it printed on your diploma (must match name on file).
  • Indicate the specific title abbreviation of your degree and major. The date you complete or will complete all requirements.
  • Print your hometown and state on the designated line.
  • Complete the items needed for your academic attire. Graduation attire and announcements must be purchased from the University Bookstore. Contact the University Bookstore at 478-825-6623 or go to
  • Hand deliver or mail the application to the Cashier’s Office, Troup Administration Building–Suite 230 and pay the required graduation fee ($50.00 undergraduate or $60.00 graduate). If submitting by mail, enclose a bank draft or money order for the correct fee. The Cashier’s Office will not process until all signatures have been affixed. Once a payment has been rendered, submit the form to the Office of the Registrar for final processing.
  • Check with your academic advisor two weeks after the application deadline to assure that name appears on the list of Candidates for Graduation.

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