Parking Policies


The Department of Campus Police and Safety at Fort Valley State University (FVSU) provides vehicle registration and parking support to students, faculty, staff, contractor personnel, and local community. The Parking Plan & Procedure outlines various parking rules and regulations designed to promote an equitable use of limited parking spaces available to the university community; to promote vehicular safety and driver responsibility; and to ensure access at all times for emergency vehicles. All traffic and parking rules and regulations will be strictly enforced by the Department of Campus Police and Safety. To ensure fairness to all members of the FVSU community, increased parking enforcement will be a priority. Vehicles that are parked in violation of FVSU parking regulations will be subject to fines and/or towing without warning.

The intent of this parking plan & procedure is to minimize traffic congestion in university parking lots and streets and to provide maximum utilization of the parking spaces. The parking lots are provided for operable vehicles only. Disabled and unused vehicles will be removed from the University parking lots and streets even if they are registered with the University and bear a current parking permit. Vehicles parked longer than three weeks in one location are considered “unused” and will be subject to towing. The expense of removing and storage of a disabled or unused vehicle will be the responsibility of the owner

Signs will be posted at the entrance to each parking lot and on University streets that indicates who may use the parking and any time restrictions. The University campuses are constantly changing. Parking lots and streets will be added or existing parking modified as the need arises and property becomes available.

Parking areas may be closed for special events, athletic events or for maintenance and construction. The University reserves the right to clear any parking area of vehicles for University functions, facility maintenance or construction.

Areas listed in this procedure indicating parking areas are not intended as an official list of parking locations. Other areas will be added without notice. Drivers should observe the parking designations that appear at the entrance of each parking area or along the street.

Designated Parking Areas

The parking needs of students, faculty, staff and visitors will be met by complying with parking in designated areas. This parking system was established for the purpose of providing a parking lot-specific parking space for members of the University community. Parking in these lots is restricted to only properly permitted vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Violators will be fined and/or towed.

Reserved Parking: Faculty and/or staff may purchase a reserved parking space decal. All others parking in a reserved parking space are subject to fines and/or towing without warning.

Faculty/Staff: Any faculty and/or staff members may purchase a general parking decal. This will allow their vehicles to park in any parking spaced labeled faculty/staff on a first come basis. The designated parking spaces for Faculty and Staff will be identified with “faculty/staff” lettering. No parking space is guaranteed.

Commuter Students: Any student not residing on campus or University property can purchase a commuter student parking decal. These vehicles can park in any parking spaced labeled commuter student on a first come basis. No parking space is guaranteed.

The commuter student parking areas are: Stadium, Carnegie Hall, parking lots off Rayfield Wright Street, area in front of the Pettigrew Center. No parking space is guaranteed.

Residential Students: Residential students are those persons who have registered rooms in an FVSU controlled residential hall. Residential students will only be allowed to enter designated gates near their dorms for parking. Residential students will not be allowed to drive to any other area around campus. No parking space is guaranteed.

  1. The parking lot behind the C.V. Troup bldg will be designated for the students who reside in Josie Hall.
  2. The parking lot near the Hunt Memorial Library will be designated for the students who reside in Davison and Ohio Hall.
  3. The parking lot located on the west side (University Drive side) of Wildcat Commons will be designated for students who reside in Wildcat Commons.
  4. The HPE parking is not a designated parking area and violators will be fined, booted and/or towed.

Employee of the Month: Employee of the month will have a permanent designated parking space located in front of Health Services. This space will move monthly depending on the selection of the winner. 

Visitor Parking: Visitors to the FVSU campus may obtain a visitors pass at Bywaters. Visitors should park in a designated visitor parking area or the stadium parking lot. Visitors are expected to observe all traffic signs and regulations. Vehicles with visitors parking passes cannot park in other designated parking areas.

The parking lot next to Health Services is designated totally for visitor parking. A number of selected visitors’ parking spaces have been placed at the Hunt Library parking lot and the Stadium parking lot.

Students, faculty and staff are not authorized to hold a visitor parking pass. If a vehicle is being used to transport a student to and from class, or an employee to and from work, regardless of the driver, it cannot be considered a visitor vehicle if it is parked on University property.

Consultants needing to be on campus 10 or more days but less than 30 days, will need to provide written verification of their association with the University and will be issued an extended pass based on the dates of the workshops, conference meetings and/or visitors associated with the University.

People going to various sporting events and food service outlets on FVSU campus are not required to obtain a visitors pass. However, there travel on campus will be limited to those immediate areas. They will however be expected to adhere to all parking plan procedures.

Handicapped Parking: FVSU provides parking spaces throughout the campus for the parking needs of persons with disabilities (ADA). In the case of visitors, the University honors any government-issued disability permit or license plate that is visibly displayed on a vehicle. Students and employees with physical restrictions should register for and display a Handicap Parking Permit. Campus Police will provide one parking permit for faculty/staff with documented disabilities. There will be a fee for registering any additional vehicles.

Handicapped visitors entering the campus with a disability permit or license plate may park in any designated handicap parking space, as long as the disability permit or license holder is in possession of the vehicle. Provisions to these regulations allow the University to issue either a temporary or permanent FVSU Handicap Parking Permit to any student, faculty, or staff member with sufficient proof of a disability. Temporary disability permits may be issued with written authorization from a physician and are issued with an expiration date.

Permanent disability permits are issued only to persons with a state-issued license plate, permit or state-issued disability card. (Proof of disability accepted include: state issued handicapped hangtag, physician signed application for state hangtag, or a letter/request from the attending physician.

Permits or licenses plates denoting disability do not permit parking in “Fire Zones,” “No Parking Zones,” “Loading Zones,” or those parking spaces and parking lots. Due to limited parking availability no parking space is guaranteed.

Parking Regulations 2009-10

Contractor Personnel Parking: All contractors will be required to register a vehicle the same as faculty and staff. Constructions contractors may receive a parking permit issued by the Director of Campus Police and Safety for a maximum of 30 days.

Vehicle Registration/Parking Permits

All students, staff, and faculty members must register motor vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, etc.) that are to be parked on campus to include off campus locations. Permits and regulations will be handled by Campus Police located in the basement of the Bywaters Building. Questions regarding citations and fines should be directed to Campus Police and Safety located the Bywaters Building. Fines are payable at the cashier office located in the C.V. Troup building.

Upon registration, a parking permit will be issued that must be affixed to the registered vehicle on the inside, lower portion of the passenger side front windshield. Expired registration decals must be removed by applicant.

If the permit has been purchased, but not properly affixed to the vehicle, it will be considered the same as a “no permit” violation.

If a registered vehicle is sold or replaced by another vehicle the permit holder must notify Campus Police and Safety of the change in status immediately.

Registration Fees

Although one vehicle permit is issued per person (faculty and Staff permits may be moved from vehicle to vehicle), each vehicle must be registered. When registering a vehicle, the registrant will be required to provide information as to the make, year, and model of the vehicle, as well as the license number and state where the vehicle is titled. Student parking permits as well as parking permits for motorcycles and scooters are not removable and will require one permit per vehicle. Parking permits may be purchased by students, faculty, and staff members and are subject to the fee structure listed below. Payroll deduction for payment of fees is available for faculty and staff only. Parking permit costs are listed below:

Reserved Premium Parking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $150 annually

Regular Faculty/Staff Parking . . . . . . . $100 annually

Students. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50 annually

Shuttle Park & Ride Lot . . . . . . . No Charge. Does not include riding the shuttle to campus

Bicycle/Handicapped permits . . . . . . . No Charge

Parking permits are valid from August 16 to August 15 of the following year.

Lost or Damaged Parking Permits

Lost parking permits will require the purchase of a new permit. Any new parking lot assignment would be made based on the availability of spaces. Damaged parking permits will be replaced by Campus Police and Safety without charge if a sufficient amount of the parking permit is removed and returned for identification.

Permits for Short Courses, Workshops, Conference Meetings and Visitors

Associated with the University

Anyone planning short courses, workshops, or meetings to which persons from off campus are invited is requested to notify Campus Police and Safety of the location of the

event and the number persons and/or of vehicles involved. This notification must be made at least two weeks prior to the event so that permits may be issued. FVSU students, faculty and staff attending short courses, workshops, or meeting would not qualify for this pass. Due to limited parking availability no parking space is guaranteed.

Temporary Parking Permits

When students, faculty, and/or staff operate an unregistered vehicle in an official capacity on campus may be issued a temporary permit for a minimum of one (1) day to a maximum of seven (7) days. Temporary parking permits are limited to 2 per semester. Temporary parking permits can be obtained from the Department of Campus Police and Safety. No charge is made for this service. Vehicles with a temporary parking permit may park in any open parking space. NOTE: A vehicle must already be registered in order to receive a temporary parking permit.

Non Designated Parking Areas

Vehicles parked in violation of the parking plan and procedure is subject to a fine, boot and/or towing. Violators receiving a written citation/tickets will be fined according the below listed scale. Students receiving a fine will have that amount placed on their record with an administrative hold until the fine is paid.

Faculty and staff who violate the parking plan and procedure will be subject to fine. Fines not paid within 30 business days will be automatically pay roll deducted.

Parking that Blocks Trash Dumpster Access:

No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle in front of, or in a manner that obstructs or blocks free access to a trash dumpster. Vehicles parked in violation of this regulation are subject to towing at the owner’s expense and without prior warning.

Parking Prohibited in Specified Places, No Signs Required:

No person shall at any time stop, stand or park a vehicle (except in compliance with the direction of a Police Officer, Campus Security Officer or traffic-control device) in any of the following places:

  1. On a sidewalk:
  2. In front of a driveway or within three (3) feet thereof:
  3. Within ten (10) feet of a fire hydrant:
  4. On a crosswalk or within ten (10) feet thereof:
  5. Within an intersection:
  6. Within a twenty (20) foot approach to any stop sign, yield sign, or other traffic control sign:
  7. On the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the edge or curb of the street (double parking):
  8. At any location other than within a marked stall or parking place:
  9. On unpaved or grassy areas:
  10. In the opposite direction of traffic on a street:
  11. In any manner where the vehicle is not parallel to and within twelve (12) inches of the curb or roadside edge:
  12. On any area between the curb and the sidewalk (parkway):

Vehicles parked in violation of these regulations are subject to booting and/or towing at the owner’s expense and without prior warning.

Motorcycle, Moped and Motorized Scooter Parking:

Motorcycles, mopeds and motorized scooters may be parked on concrete pads near bicycle racks or in a designated parking space. Under no circumstances should these vehicles be driven on sidewalks or grass areas to access the concrete pads near bicycle racks.

Motorcycles, mopeds and motorized scooters parked in violation of this regulation are subject to booting and/or towing at the owner’s expense and without prior warning.

Parking for Certain Prohibited Purposes:

No person shall park a vehicle upon any FVSU owned or controlled street or parking lot for the principal purpose of:

  1. Displaying such vehicle for sale:
  2. Displaying such vehicle for advertising a product:
  3. Washing, repairing, changing oils or fluids, (except repairs necessitated by an emergency):

Abandoned, Disabled and Inoperable Vehicles: Abandoned, disabled or inoperative vehicles that are parked on FVSU owned and controlled streets or parking lots must be reported immediately to the Department of Campus Police and Safety. Temporary parking arrangements may be approved by the Director of Campus Security (or his designee), not to exceed five (5) days, provided that the vehicle does not create a hazard.

Repair work on vehicles involving removal of major parts or the changing of oils and/or fluids is prohibited.

Habitual Parking Violator

Designation as a Habitual Parking Violator occurs after three (3) parking citations have been issued to the same person or parking permit within an academic year. Vehicles

that are improperly parked by Habitual Violators are subject to towing and/or booting at the owner’s expense. Upon issuance of the third parking citation, The Department of Campus Police and Safety will provide written warning to the registered parking permit holder (or the person in possession of an unregistered vehicle) that they have been designated as a Habitual Parking Violator and that their vehicle is subject to being towed upon any subsequent violations.

Once designated a Habitual Violator, the status remains in effect for the remainder of the academic year. For information regarding individual parking records or Habitual Parking Violator status, contact The Department of Campus Police and Safety.

Removing or Driving Through Barricades:

No person shall remove or drive through any barricades, cones or similar type traffic control device that has been placed upon a FVSU owned or controlled street or parking lot.

Excessive Acceleration:

The driver of a vehicle shall not purposely or inadvertently cause their vehicle to accelerate at such an excessive or rapid rate of speed so as to cause the vehicle to zigzag or move in a circular course or to gyrate or squeal the tires of such vehicle, or cause their ability to control such vehicle to be impaired to any appreciable degree will be issued a citation

Reckless Driving:

It shall be deemed reckless driving for any person to drive or operate a vehicle in a careless or wanton manner without regard for the safety of persons or property while on the FVSU campus, a citation will be issued.

Sound Amplification Systems in Vehicles, Limitations

Except as authorized by State Law or Campus Police no person shall operate or permit the operation of any sound amplification system in or on a vehicle which can be heard outside the vehicle from within twenty five (25) or more feet away, or when the sound annoys or disturbs the quiet, comfort or repose of any person in the vicinity, unless the system is being operated to request assistance of an emergency nature or to warn of a hazardous situation. (i.e., car alarms.)

For the purpose of this section, sound amplification system means any device, instrument or system, whether electrical or mechanical or otherwise, for amplifying sound or for producing or reproducing sound, including but not limited to any radio, stereo, musical instrument or alarm.

Persons who commit a violation of this policy after having previously been found responsible by the University on two separate occasions within a twelve (12) month period, whether by admission, by payment of a fine, by default, or by a judgment hearing may be removed from campus housing/receive other University discipline sanctions, and/or prohibited from operating a vehicle on FVSU owned property and/or parking in specific areas of campus.

Towing And/or Immobilizing Vehicles (Booting)

Vehicle parked on FVSU property and are in violation of this procedure may be booted and/or towed without notice. Campus Police Officers have the option to boot and/or tow vehicles. Vehicles parked in fire lanes, state accessible (handicapped, barricaded, and reserve) spaces, unless directed by the authorized occupant of the space, will be towed and/or booted.

The Department of Campus Police and Safety utilize Boots to immobilize vehicles on the Fort Valley State University property that are in violation of university parking rules and regulation. Vehicles that have been booted will be released after the booting fee has been paid and all fines have been appropriately settled with the Cashier’s Office.


 The following infraction of the rules and regulations will result in the immediate towing/booting of vehicle from university property.

  1. Unauthorized parking in a preferred or state accessible (handicapped) space.
  2. Unauthorized parking in a Reserved Space.
  3. Parking in a fire lane or a designated tow away zone.
  4. Falsified or reproduction of parking decal.
  5. Use of lost or stolen parking decal.
  6. Blocking driveway, building entrance/exit and service drive.
  7. Using areas not designated as a parking space.
  8. Parking in a designated area without proper authorization.
  9. Parking in construction areas.
  10. Campus Police Officer discretion
  11. Vehicle has accumulated three (3) or more outstanding tickets which are a minimum of 30 days old and not under appeal.
  12. Vehicles found in unauthorized designated parking area (s) or in any area that could result in the impounding of the vehicle.

Information on recovery of booted/impounded vehicles can be obtained at the Bywaters Building or by calling 825-6304 or 825-6211. By presenting photo ID, payment of boot/impound fee and disposition of all fines at the Department of Campus Police and Safety, the violator will receive a form authorizing release of the booted/impounded vehicle.


The Department of Campus Police and Safety Officers do not have the authority to settle a traffic ticket once it has been written. (Visitors contact the Department of Campus Police and Safety Office for further instruction).

All persons who receive written citation/ticket should make payments within 20 calendar days of the ticket, or institute appeal procedures in writing to the Parking Appeal Committee via the Department of Campus Police and Safety within 7 days of receiving the written citation/ticket. Failure to comply with this provision forfeits all rights to appeal and the penalty for failure to respond shall be imposed in addition to the offense penalty.

The Appeals can only be made by students, faculty and staff who have properly registered for parking privileges and have paid all appropriate fees using the Appeals Form. Appeals will be considered and decisions rendered by the Parking Appeals Committee. As a matter of policy, the Committee does not accept the following as grounds for appeal:

  1. Lack of knowledge of these regulations.
  2. Appointment conflicts or lateness for class.
  3. Inability to locate an authorized parking space.

The Department of Campus Police and Safety will, upon notice of appeal, take no further action to collect the fine, increase the fine for failure to pay, or any other action in regard to the case until it is notified of the decision on the appeal.


The Parking Appeals Board, appointed by the President is comprised of seven members (2 faculty, 2 staff and 2 students). Student members will be recommended by the SGA through the Vice President of Student Affairs. Committee members are appointed for one-year terms. The director of Campus Police and Safety shall serve as the designated chairperson. The Board shall meet monthly (during the first and third week of each month) on a regular basis to hear and/or receive appeals submitted by faculty, staff members or students. Each appeal will be decided by majority actions. The Parking Appeals Committee members should remove themselves from any ruling that may violate the Board of Regents Ethics policy.

The Parking Appeals Committee is only empowered to dismiss any written citation/ticket issued to an FVSU employee and/or student. The decision of the Committee can only be overturned by the Vice President for Business & Finance or the Associate Vice President For Business & Finance in his/her absence.


  1. Person (s) desiring to appeal a traffic ticket MUST obtain an Appeal form from the Department of Campus Police and Safety. The form must be completed by the appellant and returned to the Department of Campus Police and Safety to be submitted to the Parking Appeals Committee.
  2. The Appeal form must be submitted to Campus Police within 7 days of receipt of the traffic ticket.
  3. The Department of Campus Police and Safety will date and make a record of each completed appeal form as received and will immediately submit all forms directly to the Parking Appeals Committee.
  4. The appellant will be notified by the Parking Appeals Committee as to the date the appeal will be considered.
  5. The appellant MUST appear in person to plead his/her case orally before the Board.
  6. The appellant and the Department of Campus Police and Safety will be notified in writing within 10-calendar days of the decision of the Parking Appeals Committee Chairperson.
  7. The Board shall be empowered to render either of the following rulings on all appeals:
    1. The citation is valid and the appeal is denied.
    2. The citation is invalid and the appeal is approved.
  8. If the ruling is not in favor of the student, faculty or staff member, all fines must be paid plus late fees.
  9. If the ruling is in favor of the student, faculty or staff member, all charges against the said appellant will be dropped by the Department of Campus Police and Safety.


Fines must be paid to the Cashier’s Office located in the Troupe Building. All payments will be verified with the Cashier’s Office by Department of Campus Police and Safety within 10 calendar days of the payment. All fines not paid or appealed within 7 calendar days immediately following the date of the citation become unpaid financial obligation of the University.

  1. All fines not paid within 15 days or appealed within 7 business days immediately following the date of the citation will result in the loss of personal driving and parking privileges for a minimum period of 30 calendar days effective of the date of notification by the Department of Campus Police and Safety.       Reinstatement of driving and parking privileges will occur when fines have been paid in full.       Violation of this regulation may result in impoundment.
  2. Fines not paid within 15 days or appealed within 7 business days immediately following the date of the citation will result in the revocation of the motor vehicle parking permit, effective the date of notification by the Department of Campus Police and Safety. Reinstatement will occur when all fines have been paid and vehicle has been officially re-registered. Violation of this regulation will result in impoundment.
  3. STUDENTS – In addition to items 1 and 2 above, the student records will be flagged by the Cashier’s Office. Students must pay all fines before:
    1. Being permitted to register for classes for ensuing semester.
    2. Permission is granted to register any motor vehicle for an ensuing period.
    3. Official academic records are released.
    4. Clearance for graduation is granted.
  4. FACULTY STAFF – Fines not paid within 15 days or appealed within 7 days following the date of the citation will result in payroll deduction. The amount of the deduction will not include the fee for registration which is the personal responsibility and privilege of the vehicle owner/operator.


  1. Vehicle not registered ……………………………………. $ 25.00
  2. Registration Permit improperly displayed…………………. 10.00
  3. Unauthorized possession of decal (s)………………………   25.00
  4. Altercation or reproduction of decal (s)……………………   25.00
  5. Falsification of information/records to obtain a permit…… 100.00

**1. Driving under the influence (DUI)…………………..$1,100.00

  1. Reckless driving/racing/exceeding the speed limit……. 100.00
  2. Unauthorized driving on campus……………………….. 40.00
  3. Driving on the lawn…………………………………….. 40.00
  4. Driving around traffic barriers………………………….. 40.00
  5. Driving along sidewalks/walkways………………………40.00
  6. Driving contrary to marking…………………………….. 25.00
  7. Failure to obey traffic control device (s);

STOP/YIELD/DO NOT ENTER/etc……………………..40.00

  1. Failure to signal intention to turn…………………………20.00
  2. Failure to yield the right of way to pedestrian……………20.00
  3. Leaving the scene of an accident………………………….25.00
  4. Operating vehicle without a valid State Operator’s


  1. Operating mechanically unsafe vehicle…………………….25.00
  2. Operating a vehicle causing loud and/or unnecessary

noise, such as loud mufflers, horns, public address systems,

radios, CD players, etc………………………………….…..25.00

  1. Improper backing…………………………………………….25.00
  2. Suspended/ Revoked license and warrants……………..…..100.00

**Persons apprehended for these reasons will be referred to local law enforcement personnel.


All vehicles parked in violation will be booted/towed at the owner’s expense.

  1. Parking in reserve areas……..………………………………$ 75.00
  2. Unauthorized parking in “Handicapped” space (s)………. 250.00
  3. Parking in a “No Parking” area (s)………………………… 40.00
  4. Parking in a Service Drive………………………………….. 40.00
  5. Parking on yellow curbing………………………………….. 40.00
  6. Parking on the lawn………………………………………….50.00
  7. Parking on the sidewalk/walkways…………………………..50.00
  8. Parking in a fire lane…………………………………………50.00
  9. Blocking traffic………………………………………………40.00
  10. Parking in the wrong direction in any parking lot or

On campus street or thoroughfare…………………………..40.00

  1. Double parking………………………………………   ……40.00
  2. Parking in areas not authorized by registration decal………40.00
  3. Immobilized (booted) vehicles……………………………..50.00
  4. Remove barricade placed by police ………………………..50.00

**Fines not paid in 30 – calendar days will be subject to a total late fee of $10.00.



Faculty or staff member signs the agreement at the time of receipt of the parking permit.




I have read and agree to adhere to the Fort Valley State University parking rules and regulations. I further agree that if I receive a written violation and failure to pay the fine within 15 business days the entire amount will be deducted from my paycheck.

I also understand that if my employment is terminated for any reason before the total amount is completely paid; the balance outstanding will be due prior to receipt of my final paycheck.

This deduction/s agreement terms are revocable at any time by the employee upon written notice, and agreed to in writing by the employer.

___________________________                              _____________________________

PRINTED NAME                                                     SIGNATURE